Anna Andzia Chana Mirski / Glubokoye, Belarus / Pabrade, Lithuania KOORDYNACJA

chana chana1 chana2Family name: Mirski

First name: Anna Andzia Chana
False name during the war: Katarzyna
Chana’s story
Sonia Feigelson/Fejgelson/ Fejgielson and Shabtai Mirski probably married around 1938.
Sonia and Shabtai Mirski
Shabtai Mirski emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1939.
His pregnant wife Sonia was supposed to come later, after giving birth, with her parents from Glebokie, now in Belarus.
In September 1939 the war broke out and Sonia was stuck in Europe, unable to emigrate. This area of what was then Poland was occupied by the Soviet Union from the end of September 1939 under the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement.
In the end of 1939 or in the very beginning of 1940 Sonia gave birth to a little girl – Anna Andzia.
At some point after that, Sonia tragically died.
A sister of Sonia, name unknown brought little Andzia from Glebokie to her paternal grandparents Rachel and Nathan  Mirski who lived in Pabrade, now in Lithuania.
The distance between Glebokie and Pabrade is around 120 km.
In the end of June 1941 or the beginning of July 1941 this area was occupied by the Germans.
Andzia stayed with her paternal grandparents till September 10th 1941. Then her grandfather Nathan Mirski  gave her to a Polish man named Jan Swietlikowski. Jan Swietlikowski Senior was married and the father of Jan Swietlikowski Junior and Marysia Swietlikowski.  Andzia was then around a year and nine months old.
Jan Swietlikowski got Andzia baptized and she was named Katarzyna Swietlikowska. They nicknamed her Kanuszia.
During the time Andzia lived with the family, they would leave the window to her bedroom open so that her paternal uncle Zvi Mirski, a partisan, could secretly visit her at night.
In 1946, under the Repatriacja program, the Swietlikowski family moved into what had become a smaller Poland.
On July 18th 1947 the Koordinatzia organization brought Andzia from the Swietlikowski family to their children’s home in Lodz. In 1948 she was brought to Israel and reunited with her father Shabtai Mirski.RESEARCH JOURNAL AUGUST 2005GLEBOKIE/ GLUBOKOYE IN BELARUS
Glebokie/Glubokoye is situated 146 km N of Minsk, and is today part of Belarus. The Jewish population there before Holocaust was 2844.
Andzia’s mother : Sonia (Sara?) Mirski nee Feigelson/Fejgelson/Fejgielson Sonia was born in Glebokie. It is likely she was born around 1915, but her birth date is not known.
The names of her parents and siblings are not known. Did any of them survive?

Through Ellis Island several persons named Feigelson from Glubokoye open up an interesting new possibility for finding relatives of Chana’s mother.

In 1904 a tailor named Schimen  ( Simon) Feigelson from Glubokoye is on the ship manifest but his name is crossed out. Did he have to return to Europe without being able to enter the USA? He was  born ca 1878.
In 1910 a tailor named Chaim Feigelson, born ca 1889 in Globokoye, son of J. Feigelson was going to his married sister .
In 1912 a tailoress named Feige Feigelson, born ca 1892 in Globokoye, daughter of Rubin Feigelson , named her uncle as her contact person in the States
In 1914 Hersch Feigelson, a tailor born ca 1891 in Glubokoye, was going to his brother Philip Feigelson in New York.
In 1921 a mother and her two daughters are leaving one son/brother named  R. Fejgelson in Globokoye and going to another son/brother named S. Fejgelson in the States. The mother is  Zelda Fejgelson,  born ca 1866 . The two daughters are named  Dobe-Leja  ( born ca 1902) and  Esja (born ca 1904).
Could any of these be relatives of Chana’s mother  Sonia Mirski nee Feigelson?
Could  Zelda’s brother R. Feigelson be Rubin Feigelson, father of Feige Feigelson who emigrated in 1912?
Could Zelda’s brother S. Feigelson be Shimen Feigelson, whose name is on the ship manifest from 1904, but whose name was crossed out?
In other words were Zelda born ca 1866, Rubin born around 1870 or earlier and  Shimen born ca 1878, siblings?PADRADE / PODBRODZ IN LITHUANIA
Pabrade (earlier Podbrodz)  is located 50 km NNE of Vilnius.
Andzia’s father:  Shabtai Mirski born 1913
Shabtai Mirski was born in Pabrade (earlier Podbrodz) in  1913.
His parents were Rachel and Natan Mirski. They were both murdered in Holocaust.
Here are the names of Shabtai Mirski’s known brothers and sister:
1. Feigel Schein nee Mirski, born 1915, lived in Vilnius
2. Zvi Mirski born  (?), partisan, survived
3. Henech Chanoch Mirski born ca 1923, murdered in Holocaust
4. Daniel Mirski born ca 1929, murdered in Holocaust
Shabtai worked as a printer.
He  married Sonia Feigelson probably  in 1938.
When the certificate for emigrating to Ereta Israel arrived, Sonia was pregnant, and the couple decided that he would go first and she would come afterwards with her parents.
Arriving in Eretz Israel in 1939, he settled on Kibbutz Ein Harod where he worked as a printer.
After the war, his brother Zvi who had survived as a partisan, told him that his wife and most of his family was killed, but that his daughter Andzia had survived and was on her way to Eretz Israel.
Andzia settled in Ein Harod with her father and the new family he started after the war.
Pabrade during the Soviet occupation
How was everyday life in Pabrade during this time?
Pabrade after the German occupation in the end of June 1941
Which rules were imposed on the Jews of Pabrade after the Germans occupied the town? When were the Jews murdered?
Jan Swietlikowski and his family, the Polish family that saved Andzia
Jan Swietlikowski and his family may also have lived in Pabrade.
Was Andzia baptized in the church in Pabrade?

Did the Swietlikowski family stay in this area till 1946?
When they in 1946 moved into what had become Poland after the war, they settled in Krosno near Poznan – Krosno Orszanskie.chana4Photo of  Swietlikowski family
Standing: Jan “Janek” Swietlikowski Junior ; Marysia Swietlikowska (his sister)
Sitting: Mrs. Swietlikowska ( mother of Jan and Marysia, wife of Mr. Jan Swietlikowski Senior); Mrs. Swietlikowska (wife of Jan Swietlikowski Junior)
Sitting on the knees of the grandmother and the mother: The children of Jan Swietlikowski Junior and his wife.
According to the photo, the the oldest girl seems to have been born in 1949 or 1950. The youngest girl seems to have been born in 1951.

chana3Marysia Swietlikowska and the children of her brother Jan.

In this case, the youngest child (girl?boy?) seems to be three years old and the middle one around six and the oldest around eight. From this, the guess is that the photo was taken around 1957 and that the youngest child was born around 1954.

One of Andzia’s big dreams is to find this family. ( Wish fulfilled in October 2005 – see below!)
Andzia would also like to know as much as possible about herself, her parents and  her other relatives.
DNA test
DNA testing gives interesting possibilities for locating lost relatives and learning about the roots of your ancestry. After studying the website for Family Tree DNA , I see the following possibility for a DNA test for Chana Mirski:
She knows her father and his family, but more or less only knows the name of her biological mother Sonia Mirski nee Feigelson from Gluboyke.
We have seen that some persons named Feigelson who emigrated  from Gluboyke to the States before and after World War One.
In the database of Family Tree DNA there are presently 40000 samples of DNA, of persons of both Jewish and non Jewish origin.
In this case a test for the Maternal DNA could , at least in theory, give Chana the possibility to locate relatives on her mother’s side. Such a test would cost 129 US dollars ( September 2005). To see how a DNA kit looks like, you can click on .
We are still in the learning process about DNA and genealogy for Missing Identity, so please comment on this.

On October 11th 2005 searching on the internet, I found that Krosno Odrzanskie, the town near Poznan, had a website and an email for contact.
As Chana’s profile is already on the internet with the photos of the family who saved her, it was an easy matter to send an email to the town.
Imagine my surprise when the next day Ms. Ewa Pakula, the secretary of the Mayor of the town Krosno Odrzanskie, wrote that she had located the family and that somebody from the Swietlikowski family now will contact us.
Thank you to Ms. Pakula and to the town of Krosno Odrzanskie for making this happen!
Since our last report  Marysia Swietlikowska contacted Chana and for Chana this was the dream come true! Finally she had found the family that saved her . There is of course the language problem as Chana has forgotten Polish, but good people are helping the two translating their messages to each other. Chana’s uncle Zvi Mirski living in North America also was delighted that he could talk with Marysia Swietlikowska.
In April 2006 the plan is that Marysia will come to Israel to spend some time with Chana and her family, and as Zvi Mirski will be in the country too – this will be a whole reunion.
In an attempt to locate any of Chana’s maternal relatives, we have contacted  persons named Feigelson or descended  from Feigelson families in Glubokoye or from that area.
Several of those who answered want to try to help, so perhaps we will be able to find some answers continuing in this direction.
In the 1929 Business Directory for Poland, online on JRI-Poland on JewishGen you can find Glebokie , now Glubokoye.
Here are the Feigelson listings I found, included the three different spellings of the family name:
Fejgelson and Braun    Leather
A. Fejgelson    Blacksmith
Cer. (Ger.?) Fejgelson   Dentist
Ch. Fejgielson   Beer hall (Piwiarnia in Polish)
D. Fejgielson    ( Comestibles in French. What is this in English?)
E. Fejgelson and J. Gordon  Horse Merchants
I. Feigelson    Haberdashery ( Galanteria in Polish.)
Based on the Business Registry from 1929 we should now consider all these three spellings of the family name.
RESEARCH JOURNAL MAY 2006 Marysia Swietlikowska has come from Poland to visit Chana and her family here in Israel. Chana’ s uncle Zvi came from abroad to meet Marysia too, so it has been a very emotional time. “Marysia is an amazing woman”, says Chana.Chana’s daughter videotaped the three – Marysia, Zvi and Chana – telling their story.

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Zapraszam do odwiedzenia strony.
written by M, October 26, 2008

Zapraszam do odwiedzenia strony.

Feigelsons from Glubokie in Philadelphia
written by Steven Schwatyz, September 29, 2008

I remember that my grandfather from Gluboke had some friends named Feigelson also from Gleboke who lived in Philadelphia.
Unfortunately, thats all I know about it, and that generation is all gone. But it might be worthwhile to check for Feigelsons in the Philadelphia area.
The people mentioned are my grandparents
written by James Fagelson, November 26, 2007

“In 1921 a mother and her two daughters are leaving one son/brother named R. Fejgelson in Globokoye and going to another
son/brother named S. Fejgelson in the States. The mother is Zelda Fejgelson, born ca 1866 . The two daughters are named
Dobe-Leja ( born ca 1902) and Esja (born ca 1904).”In 1903 my grandfather Samuel Fagelson 1886-1985, came to the United States from Giebokie after having escaped from the
Russian army. He landed in Baltimore, Maryland and went to Washington, DC for work. He brought the remaining brothers and
sisters over by 1921. His father was Moshe Baruch ca. 1860, mother was Zelda, 1866-1943. She arrived with her twp daughters
Ethel 1906-1979 and Lillian 1902-1944 and her son Morris (Zalman) 1900-1998. Other siblings are Milton 1889-1958,
Joseph 1894-1975. One Brother Foley? stayed in Giebokie when everyone else left. The last anyone heard from him was in the
1930’s. I have a somewhat complete geneology of the Fagelson family that I would be happy to share with you for information
that you might have so that I can increase the acuracy.
James Fagelson, Palm Springs, CA

written by Bernice Rosenzweig, June 21, 2007

My paternal great-grandmother is Tysie Fogelson of Glebokie. She was the daughter of Yosef Fogelson, a teacher, and had several siblings: Shimon, Michel, Jake (in the US), Meir, and Sosia. I’m not sure if there is any relation- we have always spelled the family name Fogelson. But I think the siblings Sosia and Shimen Fogelsen may be worth looking into. My grandmother, Rachela (nee Pliskin) the daughter of Tysia Fogelson has told me that she did not know her mother’s sister very well and thinks her name is Sosia, but it may also be something similar to Sonia. Hope this helps ~Bernice

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