Babygirl from Rozwadow / Poland

NNRozwadow NNRozwadow1Surname: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Birth Date: Probably June 1942
Birth Place: Perhaps Rozwadow, Poland
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown

Probably in June or July 1942 the baby’s mother was either captive or hiding with her baby girl on the train station in Rozwadow in Poland.

The infant was hungry and crying, so her mother asked for milk from a Polish couple that happened to be on the train station. The Polish man brought milk for the baby.

Then the Jewish mother asked if they would want to take the baby as their own because she could not keep it. This couple did not have any children, so after some consideration, they agreed. They asked the Jewish mother who she was, but she told them that it was better for them and for the baby not to know who she was.
She then gave her newborn baby girl, who was probably one month old, to the Polish couple. The Polish couple raised the girl as if she was their biological daughter and never told her how she had come into the family.
The girl grew up, married and had a son. It is this son who wants to find his Jewish roots.
Who was his grandmother?
Who was his grandfather?
What happened to them in the Holocaust?
Does he have any living relatives?
Was the family originally from Rozwadow?
Rozwadow is situated 82 km SSW of Lublin. 1790 Jews lived in Rozwadow before Holocaust. There is a Yizkor book for Rozwadow.
The suggestion to do DNA testing, is something the son has already done.
IF a potential relative from his unknown Jewish family will be found, then further DNA testing will be able to confirm the relationship.

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written by birdie, March 03, 2009
good luck i’m trying to find my mothers family also i don’t know much about her only her maiden name and a boat called USS catholic general. and her parents were in a crash

written by joyce, April 06, 2008
I hope you find you`r family .
1937 Rozwadow
written by logan, May 01, 2007
Rozwadow is included in a 1937 business directory, see image 867 at .

written by Guest, April 21, 2006

written by Rashi Rosenzweig, April 21, 2006
I think that the only hope for this young man who wishes to find out his identity and Jewish roots is to request some DNA testing.
What a touching story. Best, Rashi Rosenzweig Ra’anana Israel.

written by Dana, April 21, 2006
I was touched by your story. It is so important that you are trying to find your true identity. No matter what happens, you know the truth – that you are a Jew,a member of one big family, the Jewish family. I am sure your grandparents (r.i.p) are very proud of you. My heart and thoughts are with you. Dana Zanesco,Israel

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