Emanuel, NN / Lviv, Ukraine

Surname: Unknown
emanuelName: EMANUEL/MANUEL (?)
Birth Date: Around 1938
Birth Place: Probably Lviv, then Poland, now Ukraine
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: UnknownKNOWN FACTS:
After the war Manuel was adopted by the couple Friedman. They found him in a synagogue with a group of thirty orphans destined for Eretz Israel.
I lived with my parents in ul. Szkropowa 3, apartment 1, in Lviv.
I do not remember my family name nor the names of my parents, only the address.
During the war I was smuggled out of Lviv and placed with an eldery couple in a village outside Lviv. I do not remember the names of this couple, nor the name of this village.
After the war they brought me to the Jews in Lviv and I stayed in a synagogue together with around thirty other orphans. We were told we were going to Eretz Israel.
One day Mrs. Friedman came to the synagogue and persuaded me that a life with her and her husband in a family would be better for me than living in a institution.
Thus I became their adopted son.
Who lived in ul. Szkropowa 3, Lviv?
According to the 1938 telephone catalogue for Lviv, a man named Herman Deutscher lived at this address. Was he a neighbor?
Can any of the thirty other children staying with Manuel in the synagogue in Lviv help us to determine when this happened?
Is there any list of surviving children in Lviv?
Does such a list include the names of those Gentiles who saved the children?
In that case it would help us to find the names of the people who saved him and where they lived.

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