golda reissSurname: REISS
Birth Date: 1943 or 1944
Birth Place: Unknown, USSR
Father’s Name: Unknown (Reiss?) , died
Mother’s Name: Rachel (?) Reiss

Golda was born in the USSR in 1943 or 1944.
In 1946 Polish citizens stranded in the USSR during World War Two were allowed to go back to Poland. This was called the Repatriacja ( Repatriation). The fact that Golda arrived in Poland with the repatriants must mean that at least one of her parents was a Polish citizen.

In 1946 a Zionist umbrella organisation popularly called Koordinacja set up at least four children’s homes in Poland. Their aim was to bring these child survivors to Eretz Israel. One of the homes was located in Petrolesia, today called Pieszyce, in southwest Poland. Golda stayed for a short time in Peterolesia.
From Poland she was brought to Germany where she stayed at least in these three places:
Dornstadt near Ulm in Bavaria
Blankenese near Hamburg

In April 1948 a ship named Endeavour brought Golda and other child survivors from Marseille, France to Haifa.

Who knew a Polish Jewish family named Reiss who, around ’43, had a baby girl named Golda?
Who can remember Golda from Poland, in 1946?
Who remembers Golda from Dornstadt, Dorfen and Blankenese?
Does anyone know if children survivors who stayed in DP camps in Germany AFTER the war, were registered at the local Standesamt (Ministry of the Interior)?
In short, will Golda appear in the registers of the Standesamt in Dornstadt?

Will Golda Reiss’ name be listed in the material now being collected by the KARTA institution in Warszawa?
Will there be additional information about Golda’s parents and their fate?

On Beth Lochamei Haghettaot’s website, there is a treasure of interesting photos.

Golda Reiss can here be seen in an early photo, with a shaved head, probably taken shortly after she arrived from the USSR.

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