Important Links


Yad Vashem – Jerusalem
The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names
A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust (USF)
Holocaust Teacher Resource Center (TRC)
Cybrary of the Holocaust
AMCHA – Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors
and the Second Generation

Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel (COHSI)
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Jewish Resources: The Holocaust
The Nizkor Project
The Simon Wiesenthal Center
Women and the Holocaust (webquest)
The History Place – Holocaust Timeline
Holocaust – An End to Innocence by Seymour Rossel
NAAF Holocaust Timeline
The Ghetto Fighters’ House
Witness Legacy – Contemporary Art about the Holocaust
Photographs of the Holocaust

The Mourners’ Kaddish

Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
Holocaust / Shoah Resources (Dickerson)
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
The Holocaust Chronicle
The Knesset Holocaust Site (English)
Beit Therezin
Anne Frank Center

SP Times: Anne Frank Series

School Service: Holocaust Resources Catalog
SHOAH – Visual History Foundation

March of the Living

March of the Living International
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
Mazal Library – A Holocaust Resource
Rescuers From the Holocaust
Holocaust History Project
Jewishpost Holocaust Remembrance Day
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors mailing list
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
War Criminal Records Working Group
Claims Conference
Holocaust Insurance Policy Claims
The Struma Tragedy
University of Minnesota CHGS
Images of Reflection (pictures of the camps)
Schindler’s List
C.A.N.D.L.E.S Holocaust Museum
Mechelen Museum of Deportation and the Resistance
Dave’s Holocaust Awareness Project (11 year old)
The War Crimes of Dr Josef Mengele
A Survivor Story in Paintings
A Daughter Remembers
Holocaust Memoirs (a survivor’s stories)
Holocaust Survivors
Women of Valor: Partisans and Resistance Fighters
Bronx High School of Science Holocaust Guide
Remember Together
Voices of the Holocaust (1946 original interviews)
If Not Now…. – Internet Journal for Survivors & Family
Cassutto Memorial Pages (Jew of Rotterdam)

The Holocaust / Shoah Page by B. Austin

Holocaust Denial on Trial (London Case)
Jewish Children and the Holocaust
History Wiz: The Holocaust (multimedia exhibit)
The US Jewish Labor Committee and the Holocaust
Jewish Museum of Australia: Art and Rememberance
Last Expression – Art from Auschwitz

Photo Eassy on Dachau Concentration Camp

Radzilow, Poland – Memorial to a Jewish Shtetl

Whitwell Middle School Paperclip Project

The Button Project

In Memory of 1,264 Children of Bailystok

Zichronam L’Vracha: May Their Memory be a Blessing

Safe Haven (Only USA camp for refugees of the Holocaust)

International Directory of Holocaust Museums

The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Centre

House of the Wannsee-Conference

Amit: Holocaust Rememberance Day

Association of Jewish Refugees
Irene Muskal – Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor from Hungary
The Nuremberg Project
Jewish Community of Sudilkov, Ukraine
Living Words – Voices of the Holocaust
Art Spiegelman’s MAUS
MAUS Resources on the Web
MAUS: A Different Type of Holocaust Literature
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Hannah Senesh
Shaked: Teaching the Holocaust
Kinder Transport Association
Barel Family Picture Memorial
Literature of the Holocaust (site index)
Reisel and Muller Family Site – In Memoriam
Holocaust: The Untold Story
US Holocaust Museum: Animated Maps (uses Flash)

Sara’s March of the Living Page

Martyrs from Gyor

The Jewish Community of Pinsk
Virtual Jerusalem: Holocaust Memorial Day
Holocaust Studies at Aish
Detriot Holocaust Memorial Center
Judeo-Spanish at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Death Camps
Telling Their Stories
Business and the Holocaust
Harvard Law School: Nuremberg Trials Project
Anne Frank the Writer – An Unfinished Story
The Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal
Shoamemo (to reunite Holocaust survivors with their families)
Archive of World War II Aerial Reconnaissance Photos
Holocaust Survivors’ Network
Jewish Agency: Yom HaShoah
Survival: From a Holocaust to the creation of a state
JPI: Positive Holocaust Education
The Warsaw Ghetto Today
Open Hearts / Closed Doors – The War Orphans Project
Photographs from the Warsaw Ghetto
The Jewish Virtual Library: The Holocaust
The Florida Holocaust Museum
Los Angeles Musuem of the Holocaust
Holocaust Memorial for Children (opens with music)
Operation Last Chance
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
KZ Gusen Memorial Committee (opens with song)
Memorial to the Jewish Community of Sobedruhy
Simon Wiesenthal, ‘Conscience’ of Holocaust, Dies
Yad Vashem – Jerusalem
The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names (Hebrew)
The Knesset Holocaust Site

Daat: Shoah

Daat: Ghetto Warsaw

Israel Ministry of Education: Articles about the Shoah
Israel Ministry of Education (Toranit): Articles about the Shoah
Eicheman Trial Testimonies
Amalnet: HaShoah
Kipa: Articles on Yom HaShoah
Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel (COHSI)
The Ghetto Fighters’ House
Beit Therezin

Jewish Agency: Yom HaShoah

Hannah Senesh
Lublin Jewish Organization & their Descendents
Korets Organization (Survivors in Israel)
“Ma’avak Al Hachaim”
ORT: Yom HaShoah
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Matach: To Be in Terezin
Matach: Six Pictures in Memory of 6,000,000
Snunit: Holocaust Site Index
Council of Holocaust Educators, New Jersey
David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
Elie Wiesel Foundation
Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
New Jersey Commission of Holocaust Education
Queens Holocaust Research Center and Archives
Teachers’ Guide to the Holocaust, University of South Florida
The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
The Holocaust History Project
The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida
Vancouver Holocaust Education Center
Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive, University of Michigan
Westchester Holocaust Education Center
Yale Fortunoff Archives
Jewish Genealogy
International Red Cross Tracing Center
Center for Jewish History
Florida Holocaust Museum
Ghetto Fighters Museum
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem
The 1939 Club

American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
The Claims Conference
Children of Survivors
Generations of the Shoah International