Izabella NN / Poland / Lublin area, Poland

izaNN1 izaNN2 izaNN3 izaNN4 izaNN5Surname: NN
Birth Date: 1942?, 1943?
Birth Place: Unknown, Poland
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown

My mother’s first name is Izabella (Izabela, Bella or any other variation – we are not sure). She does not know her real date of birth, place of birth or her surname. Neither does she know who her parents were.

Either during World War II or shortly afterwards she was taken by Jozefa and Aleksander Klimek, a couple from Lublin. They said that they took her from some other people outside of Lublin. They didn’t know her age so they estimated how old she was simply comparing her to other children. They told her that she was Jewish but didn’t reveal any other details.

When they took her she could have been 2, 3 or 4 years old, she doesn’t remember anything from that time. From what she was told, she was in a horrible condition, lice-ridden and covered with spots and ulcers.

When the Klimeks took her there was also a piece of jewellery that belonged to her but they gave it away to some relatives of theirs. The Klimeks didn’t register her until 1956. So even if somebody was looking for her there was no chance to find her.

My mother has darkish complexion, dark green eyes, blond hair, blood group 0. She’s short. She must be in her early 60s. We are looking for her relatives. Perhaps someone is still looking for little Izabella?

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Klimeks near Lublin
written by logan, May 01, 2007
Searching business directories via www.kalter.org/search , I find the following Klimeks living in woj. Lubelskie in 1930:

In the town of Batorz Ordynacki, J. Klimek, occupation rzeznicy (bouchers) [image 614]
In the town of Wierzchowina, M. Klimek, occupation szewcy (cordonniers) [image 726]

These are the latest Klimeks in woj. Lubelskie that I can find in the directories. However, there are other Klimeks living elsewhere later (e.g., in the 1938/1939 Warsaw directory and in the 1937 Poland Business, School, and Organizational Directory). Perhaps, these Klimeks from near Lublin, or their close relatives, might know more? Or, maybe other people from Batorz Ordynacki and Wierzchowina might know more?

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