Jadwiga NN / Warszawa, Poland

jadwiga jadw1 jadw2Surname: Unknown. During the war: CHMIELEWSKA
Name: Unknown. During the war: JADWIGA
Birth Date: 1940?
Birth Place: Warsaw Ghetto?
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown


I was told by the nuns that I came from “DOM DZIECKA BOUDENA”, Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw run by some social welfare organization. I was taken out of Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.
Then I ended up in “Dom Dziecka:WEZWANIEM SIOSTR RODZINY MARYIA” on Szkolna Street in Brwinow, Poland. I was with them from about 1943 until 1955.

After the war in the Convent I was always introduced to visiting Clergy as the Jewish Child that survived the Holocaust in this Convent.
There were other Jewish Children there, and the sign that they were Jewish was that their fake names were registered in pencil like mine. So when the Gestapo came for a control those names could be quickly erased.
I don’t know my identity. I hope that my pictures will remind someone of my parents’ faces.

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Why Chmielewska?
written by logan, May 01, 2007
Why the name Chmielewska? Might anyone with this name know more about Jadwiga? There are many people with Chmielewska and related surnames in the1938/1939 Warsaw telephone directory, searchable via www.kalter.org/search

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