Josef ABRAHAM/ Poland / Krakow Poland

josef josef1Surname: ABRAHAM / ABRAM
Birth Date: Ca 1942 . 3 Sept 1942?
Birth Place:
Krakow, Poland?
Lodz, Poland?
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown

After the war Josef was brought by AGUDAT ISRAEL from Poland to Bleidorn Ulm and then in 1948 to Israel.

We know about three institutions run by Agudat Israel in Poland after the war: ul. Browarna 12, Dzierzoniow (then called Reichenbach),
ul. Zachhodnia 66, Lodz,
ul. Dietla 66, Krakow.
Unfortunately we have no lists of the children who were there.
Such lists might include information about who saved the children and where the children were during the war, perhaps even names of the parents.
Can you help us locate such lists?

This was a children’s camp of Agudat Israel in the area of Stuttgart. Around 170 persons were there in 1946 – 1947.
The camp was closed in September 1948.
Perhaps lists from Bleidorn, if they exist, could give more information about Josef Abraham?

In one of the documents from Arolsen it is written that Josef Abraham was born on the 3th of September 1942 in Krakow.
On that very same date, the 3th of September 1942, another Josef Abraham born in 1879 and deported to Poland from Berlin, died in Ghetto Lodz.

Could it be that “our” Josef Abraham actually was born in Ghetto Lodz? Though how would he survive Ghetto Lodz?
Could it be that Krakow only refers to the fact that he was in the children’s home in Krakow after the war?

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