Maciej ZEIFERT / Poland / Krakow, Poland KOORDYNACJA

majiecSurname: ZEIFERT/ZAJFERT During the war MORAWSKI
Birth Date: March 14th 1937? Nov 15th 1937?
Birth Place: Poland, Krakow?
Father’s Name: Unknown, went to England?

Known facts:
Maciej was saved by the concierge Mrs. Anna Morawska who during the war lived with him in ul. Poselska 16 in Krakow. After the war he was redeemed by the Zionist Koordinatzia organization and brought through Lodz, Czeckia, Germany and France to Israel where he arrived in 1948.
Anna Morawska died around 1950.

What is the correct spelling of the family name – Seifert, Zeifert or Zajfert?

What is the first name of Maciej’s father? When and where was his father born?

Was his mother’s name Greta Seifert? Where and when was she born?

Did the Seifert family live in ul. Poselska 16 in Krakow before the war?

Maciej is NOT listed in the birth register of Krakow on March 14th 1937. Perhaps the Seifert family lived elsewhere and Anna Morawska fled with Maciej to Krakow so that nobody would recognize him and her? In that case, where was Maciej born?

In the Koordinatzia archive there is a note mentioning that Maciej’s father “probably went to England”. Does anybody in England have information about a Mr.Seifert who came from Poland just before World War Two broke out?

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Poselska 16 in Krakow
written by Logan K., September 13, 2008
Searching at for “Poselska 16” reveals an entry in a 1926 Krakow Address Directory for Zydowski Klub Sportowy “Amatorzy.” Perhaps, records of this club’s members, or former members, might have information about Maciej’s family.
1937 Krakow
written by logan, May 01, 2007
Krakow is included in a 1937 business directory, searchable . I find:

Seifert F., graficzne zaklady, Al. Slowackiego 8., tel. 187-44 [image 1202]
Fakler S., lekarze d-rzy medycyny, Poselska 16, tel. 123-31 [image 1221]

You might find other people then living at Poselska 16 by doing a Regular search for Poselska 1 or Poselska, in case the 6 has been incorrectly recognized by OCR process used to create the search engine.

written by Logan, April 21, 2006
Using the search engine at, I found the following residents (the same person?) of Poselska 16: Lenczarski, J., Poselska 16, Krakow, Krawcy (1926/1927) Linczowski, J., Poselska 16, Krakow, Krawiectwo damskie (1928, 1930) -Logan

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