Missing Children A-J


November 1997
The two TV programs, “Missing Identity” dealt with the subject of children survivors. These children, born approximately during the years 1935-1945, are looking for information and persons connected with their past.
After the two programs, we received many letters, mostly from Israel.
Many of these letters concern children lost during Holocaust. Did they survive? What happened to them?
It is so difficult to grasp the every day lives of those who wrote us, 52 years after the end of the war. Among them were: Mothers and fathers searching for their little children.
Brothers and sisters still hoping to find their siblings.
Children born AFTER the Holocaust trying to find out what happened to the children born to their parents BEFORE the Holocaust. These children might, at least in theory, be children with missing identities.
Here is the list of names and details about children who disappeared during the Holocaust. These children were born approximately during the years 1930 and 1945, with some exceptions.
Some of these children also appear a second time as part of their whole family in our list of families and grownups.
Family names are listed alphabetically in blue.
At the bottom of each message next to the filenumber you will find
By clicking it you will be able to send an email concerning the children listed here. ONLY emails with a referring filenumber will be send to our researchers.

ABBE—two children born in the 1930’s—Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland
Father: Abraham Abbe—born 1911
Mother: Unknown
The family lived in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.
Submitted by Mendel Max Abbe; uncle
Submitted by Israel Aviel; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1101

AGINES, Chana—born 1930, Bokani, Moldowa
AGINES, Israel—born 1932, Bokani, Moldova
AGINES, Zvi—born 1934, Bokani, Moldova
AGINES, Rachel—born 1936, Bokani, Moldova
AGINES, Malka—born 1937/1938, Bokani, Moldova
AGINES, Mania—born 1926 Bokani, Moldova
AGINES, Shlomo—born 1928 Bokani, Moldova
Father: Reuven Agines
Mother: Dora Agines
The family lived in Bokani in the area of Palshti, Moldova.
In the beginning of the war the family fled in the direction of Kishkarne.
Last seen in 1941.
Submitted by Rosa Berletski nee Agines; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1072

AJSYKOWICZ, Ester Malka—born 1927, in Warsaw, Poland
Father: Abraham Ajsykowicz
Mother: Chana Riwka Ajsykowicz
Brother: Chaim Szlomo Ajsykowicz—born 1922, in Warsaw
Brother: Yeshayahu Shalom Ajsykowiec—born 1924,, Warsaw
The family lived in Falencia near Warsaw before the war.
During the war the father died of hunger, and is buried in Pruszkow near Warsaw. The mother and two of her children stayed in Falencia near Warsaw.
Submitted by Aviva Perlman nee Ajsykowicz; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1082

ALTMAN, Tibor—born ca 1928, Kosice, Slovakia
Father: Edward Altman
Mother: Hermina Altman nee Bial
Deported with family to Auschwitz in 1944.
Submitted by Rachel Hertz nee Bial; aunt
Filenumber: 1077
APPELBAUM, Channa—born 1937-1941, Lodz, Poland
Father: Samuel Appelbaum—born ca 1915
Mother (?)
The family lived in Lodz, Poland.
Submitted by Lea Katz nee Golbas; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1026

AUERBACH, Jakob Ikubek—born 1926, Warsaw, Poland
AUERBACH, Rachel—born 1930
AUERBACH, Masha Brendel—born 1937
Father: Meshulam Auerbach
Mother: Ester Auerbach nee Zilbernadel
The family lived in Warsaw, Poland.
Submitted by Miriam Tugendhaft nee Auerbach; aunt
EMAIL Filenumber: 1044

AUERBACH, Ester—born 17 Nov 1937, Lodz, Poland
Father: Moshe Auerbach
Mother: Sara Auerbach nee Tenenbaum
The family lived in Lodz before the war.
During the war the family moved to Warsaw to be with other relatives, and here they lived in Ghetto Warsaw.
Submitted by Miriam Tugendhaft nee Auerbach; aunt
EMAIL Filenumber:1044

BACHNER Abraham—born 1930, Chrzanow, Poland
BACHNER, Sandel—born 1932, Chrzanow
BACHNER, Scheindele—born 1928, Chrzanow
Father: Moshe Bachner or Fauler>
Mother: Chana Bachner
The family lived in ul. Garcarska in Chrzanow, Poland
Submitted by Rachel Bachner; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1089

BARASHNIKOFF/LEWIN Feige—born ca 1937-1938, Russia
Father: Gottlieb Barashnikoff
Mother: Mania Lewin married Barashnikoff
The parents moved from Vilnius to Russia around 1937 and their daughter Feige was born there.
As far as the family knows, the parents were taken away, separated. Feige was given to Gottlieb Barishnikoff’s brother and he later put her in an orphanage, somewhere in Russia.
Submitted by Shaul Zur; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber:1049
BIAL Latchi born ca 1929/1930, Kosice, Slovakia
Father: Henryk Bial
Mother: Lea Bial nee Stiglitz
Last seen together with his father on the death march from Auschwitz in 1945.
Submitted by Rachel Hertz nee Bial; aunt
EMAIL filenumber:1077
BIELENA Zuzi—born 12 Dec 1939, Kaunas, Lithuania
Father: Aharon Beilis
Mother: Bronia Bielena nee Stern
Taken by force from her mother’s arms in Ghetto Kovno.
From Dalia Gal; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1040
BLASZ, Ryzcard—born ca 1935, Wloclawek, Poland
Father: Eugene Blasz
Mother: Anna Blasz
Before the war the family lived in Wloclawek. During the war, Ryzcard was with family in the Zamosc area.
Submitted by Tami Lavi; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1103
BLUMENKOPF, Rysia Ryszarda—born 1934-1935, Warsaw, Poland
BLUMENKOPF, Samek—born ca 1937, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Hirsz Blumenkopf
Mother: Pola Blumenkopf nee Kaferman
Submitted by Batia Kafri; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber:1114
BOITEL, Zila—born 30 Oct 1940, Podhize near Ternopol, Ukraine
Father: Joachim Boitel
Mother: Malvina Maria Miriam Boitel nee Leiter
In July/ August 1941 the mother was told that her daughter was in a Children’s Hospital in Poltava, Ukraine.
Submitted by Miriam Boitel; mother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1008
BORDA/BARDA, Rina/Rena—born ca 1930-1932, Grodno, Lithuania
BORDA/BARDA, Ari—born ca 1930-1932, Grodno
Father: Aharon Borda/ Barda
Mother: Golda Borda/Barda nee Chirug
The children lived with their parents in Grodno, Lithuania.
Submitted by Rina Chirurg; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber:1075
BRANDSZTETTER—two small children born in the 1930’s in Oswiecim, Poland
Father: Oskar Brandsztetter
The family lived in Sosnowiec.
Submitted by Gina Rossbach; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber:1098
BUDNIK, Moszele Moniek—born ca 1936 in Warsaw,Poland
Father: Yitzchak Budnik in Mexico during the war
Mother: Krusa Karola Budnik nee Goldberg
The family lived in ul. Panska 9, in Warsaw.
Submitted by Sara Artzi Goldberg; aunt.
EMAIL Filenumber: 1045
BURKO, Matti—born 1941, Vladimirets, Ukraine
Father: Mendel Burko
Mother: Golda Burko
The family lived in Vladimirets.
In September 1942, during the German occupation, Matti was left at the door of a man called Ivan, also known as ” the American,” as he was the first man of the town to visit America. A couple of months later, Mendel Burko visited Ivan, who told him he had handed Matti over to the Germans. This has never been confirmed. Ivan lived in a farm outside the town, about a mile from the town, and had no neighbors. He was considered a wealthy man. Matti was ten months at the time. The Burko family was a Jewish family who lived in the main street of Vladimirets, and owned a large store for fabrics.
Submitted by Nurit Ronen; relative
EMAIL Filenumber: 1064

CEDERBAUM, Sara Bluma Sarutka—born 1930, Lodz, Poland
After the war used the name Stefa Cedelska
Father: Salomon Cederbaum
Mother: Estera Pesa Cederbaum
The family lived in Lodz.
Sara was brought with her family to ul. Lutomskienska 86 in The Lodz Ghetto. After the war she might have been transferred to Danzig. Her brother Joseph visited Auschwitz a year ago and there he he saw a photo taken at the liberation of Auschwitz. He and his family are quite certain they recognize Sarutka on the picture. In addition to this, a former neighbor in Lodz, Mrs Penkalska, wrote to Joseph after the war that Sarutka had survived. Further searches at the time were futile. Now the whole family is working hard to trace the whereabouts of Sarutka. Can you help?
Submitted by Joseph Cederbaum;brother
Submitted by Rachel Vogel; niece
EMAIL Filenumber:1083
CHEFETZ, Magani—born in July 1934 in Magnitogorsk in Siberia, Russia
Father: Menachem Chefetz
Mother: Pola Chefetz nee Kronik
The parents were teachers and were probably executed in 1938.
Magani was perhaps given up for adoption, and put in orphanage.
Submitted by Miryam Mira Klotz nee Chefetz; aunt
Submitted by Hasia Klotz ; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1059
CHIRUG, Zila Zili born Sept 9th 1941 in The Lodz Ghetto, Poland.
CHIRUG, Ruti—born 21 April 1937, Lodz
Father: Samuel Chirug
Mother: Rebecka Chirug
The family lived in ul. Szrudmielsko 69, in the Lodz Ghetto.
From there they were brought to Stutthof on Sept. 3rd 1944 through Auschwitz. From Stutthof the mother and her two daughters were sent back to Auschwitz on Sept. 10th 1944. During a visit to the Stutthof Archives, an index card with Zila’s name on it gave the family a tiny hope that Zila perhaps survived.
Submitted by Rina Chirurg;sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1075
CHOROSOV, Rachel—born ca 1939/1940, probably in Gorki or Grodno , Belarus
Father: Jakob Chorosov
Mother: Sofia Nechama Chorosov
The family lived in Belarus; probably in either Gorki or Grodno.
In 1940 baby Rachel, very thin at the time, was placed in a children’s home run by nuns in Mogialev Street in one of the places mentioned above.
Submitted by Chana Melul nee Chorosov; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1047

DAVID, Miriam—born ca 1939, Hodorov, Poland
Father: Shmuel David
Mother: Pola David
Given ca 1942 to a Polish woman named Piacezki.
Submitted by Jehudith Sandel; cousin’s wife
E-mail: yadtab@actcom.co.il
EMAIL Filenumber: 1120

EINNIS, Erena or Erka—born 1934, Bolekhov near Krekhovichi, Ukraine.
Father: Baruch ” Butchee” Einnis
Mother: Fani Einnis
The family was taken from Bolekhov to Ghetto Dolina.
Erena was probably taken away from her parents by a Polish a Polish woman named Maria. Did Erena survive?
Submitted by Adella Schwartzenberg nee Landver; aunt
EMAIL Filenumber: 1032
ELSTER or ERSTER, Sara born 1930’s—Sokolow Podalski, Poland
Father: Chajm Srul Elster
Mother: Cywia Elster nee Szczerb
Her brother and sister hope Sara survived as a hidden child.
Submitted by Marla Cohen; niece
EMAIL Filenumber: 1092

FICHMAN, Lusia—born 1936 Borislav, Ukraine
Father: David Dudek Fichman born 1906
Mother: Ita Fichman born 1908
The family lived in Borislav.
The father worked in a refinery, also during the war, and survived. The family had a baby boy named Emanuel on Oct 25th 1941. When the mother and her two children were taken away in 1942, the mother managed to give her baby son to a Polish family and to send a note her husband. The father found the son after the war. Did Lusia also survive?
Submitted by Teddy Emanuel Fichman; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1022
FRENKEL—two children—born in the 1930’s in Krakow, Poland
Father: Moshe Frenkel
Mother: Rivka Frenkel nee Abbe
The family lived in Krakow.
Submitted by Mendel Max Abbe; uncle From Israel
Submitted by Aviel; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1101
FREUNDREICH, Paula—born ca 1930, Danzig/Gdansk, Poland
FREUNDREICH, Hedwig—born ca 1931, Danzig/Gdansk, Poland
Father: Dedier Freundreich
Mother: Shewa Freundreich
In 1938 these two sisters were part of a group of 50 school children who were brought from Danzig to the States through the Joint.
Their nieces, daughters of their sister Chana, would like to find their two aunts.
Submitted by Pnina Ampel and Dina Herman; nieces
EMAIL Filenumber: 1081
FRIEDMAN, Shuni—born ca 1922, Stara Lubovna, Slovakia
FRIEDMAN, Gitel—born ca 1924
FRIEDMAN, Malka—born ca 1926
FRIEDMAN, (boy)—born ca 1928
FRIEDMAN, (boy)—born ca 1930
FRIEDMAN, (boy)—born ca 1932
Father: Shapse Friedman
Mother: Krindel Friedman
In 1939 the family lived in Stara Lubovna or in Lubela, Slovakia.
Submitted by Dvora Shidletski; aunt
EMAIL Filenumber: 1009
FUCHS (baby girl)—Czestochowa (?), Poland
Father: Josef Fuchs
Mother: Etka Fuchs nee Altmann
The family lived in Czestochowa and where later transferred to the Lodz Ghetto.
The little girl was given at the beginning of the war to a monastery in the area. The mother assumedly left a sign (scar?) on her buttock.
Submitted by Jochevet Fuchs; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1121
FURMAN, Leib Leon—born ca 1932, Chortkow, Ukraine
FURMAN, Abraham Bomek—born ca 1934, Chortkow, Ukraine
Father: Aahron Furman
Mother: Jehudit Furman nee Bergenfeld
When the war broke out these two boys were at a summer camp in Marianopol, Ukraine.
Submitted by Frieda Brenner nee Furman; sister
EMAILFilenumber 1024

GELBIER, Halina—born 1938 in Krakow, Poland
Father: Aron Gelbier
Mother: Rozali Gelbier nee Fortgang
The mother and her daughter fled eastwards by train together with sister in law and her daughter. When the niece died, the two women buried her and the train left with little Halina on board!
Later the mother found that Halina stayed in an orphanage in Pachte Arl Tashkent till Mrs. Stachnova took her from there in 1941. According to a certificate issued by the Polish authorities in 1953, Halina died of typhus in 1944. Is this true?
Submitted by Rozalia Balin; mother
Submitted by Uri Stefan; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1060
GILIGICH (?) (Boy)—born Vilnius, Lithuania
Mother: Chana nee Giligich
Father’s name unknown
Supposedly escaped the Vilna Ghetto alive and perhaps emigrated to Israel after the war.
Submitted by Charlotte Aisuss Showel; relative
EMAIL Filenumber: 1021
GLASMAN, (baby boy)—born ca 1942, Ghetto Warsaw, Poland
Father: Hertz Glasman
Mother: Mania Glasman nee Hoffenblum
When the baby was born, his Uncle Chaim Hoffenblum placed him at the home of Mrs. Helena Baslikewitz who lived right outside the ghetto.
After the war Mrs. Baslikewitz claimed the boy had died of malnutrition.
Submitted by: Kalman Teigmann; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1080
GOLBAS, Sibik—born ca 1930, Lodz, Poland
GOLBAS, Aharon—born ca 1933, Lodz, Poland
Father: Abraham Moshe Golbas
Mother: Lea Golbas
The family lived in Lodz before the war.
The father survived the war. What happened to the two children and their mother?
Submitted by Lea Katz nee Golbas; half sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1026
GOLDBERG, Rosa—born 1933, Konskie, Poland
Father: Zelig Goldberg
Mother Ester Goldberg nee Bok
The family lived in Konskie.
When the mother and her daughter were deported in 1943, the mother told Rosa to escape to Stary Koziniza (?), the village the mother came from.
Submitted by Chil Goldberg; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1043
GOLDMAN, Kopel (Karol)—born June 28th 1930, Bedzin, Poland
Father: Avraham Gutbecalt
Mother Hinda Goldman
Kopel was last seen in the Bedzin Ghetto in 1942.
Submitted by Sofia Morali nee Gutbecalt ; sister
EMAIL Filenumber 1068
GOLDSTEIN, Jehudit Gittel—born 1937-1941, Rezin Pudlavki near Lublin, Poland
Father: Jakob Goldstein
Mother: Luba Goldstein nee Appelbaum
Did Jehudit and her parents survive?
Submitted by Lea Katz nee Golbas; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1026
GONGOLIVICH or LICHTMAN, (baby girl)—born ca 1943-1945, Ukraine
Mother: Rachel Lichtman or Gongolivich from Zobovnow (?)
The mother was separated from her husband and daughter during the war. After the war she married again, and now her children from this second marriage would like to find their half sister.
Submitted by Matthias and Catherine Gould;
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Filenumber 1122
GOSTYNSKI, Dan—born ca 1937, Lodz, Poland
Father: Szymon Gostynski—born 1904
Mother: Magda Gostynski
The family together with a 15-year-old relative managed to escape from The Lodz Ghetto in 1943 and fled to the vicinity of Sandomierz.
Here Dan was given to a Polish farmer who lived in the first village on the right hand when you go from Zawichost to Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski in a distance of 2-3 miles from Zawichost..
Submitted by Leon Gostynski; uncle
EMAIL Filenumber: 1027
GOTLIEB, Feigele—born 1931, ÄTomaszow Lubelski, Poland
Father Natan Gotlieb originally from Lvov, Ukraine
Mother Golda Gotlieb—died when her daughter was one year old
Feigele grew up in her aunt’s home (Tova Sheindel and Jakob Winder) in Tomaszow Lubelski.
When the war broke out, her father Nathan Gotlieb brought her to his home in Lvov when the Winder family was sent to Siberia.
Submitted by Zahava Shwager nee Winder; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1018
GOTTESMAN, Josef or Jacob or Elijahu—born ca 1939/1940
Father: Yitzchak Gottesman
Mother: Rachel Gottesman—murdered in 1946
The family lived in the Carpathian Mountains in what was then Hungary. The mother and son were deported to Auschwitz in 1944.
The son got one of the following numbers in Auschwitz: A 7733, A 7734, A 7735
Submitted by Arie Kleinman; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1114
GRENISYTE, Matle—born 7 Jan 1946, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mother: Genia Gordon
What happened to Matle?
Her twin sister, who lately has found out about her existence, would like to get in contact with her.
Submitted by Roza Grenesyte; twin and sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1052
GRINBERG, Marysia—born ca 1935, Warsaw, Poland
Father: David Grinberg
Mother: Jadzia Grinberg nee Goldberg
The parents had a small business making chocolate and sweets in ul. Bonifraterska, in Warsaw.
Submitted by Sara Artzi Goldberg; aunt
EMAIL Filenumber: 1045
GRINSPAN, Reuven—born 1927, Lodz, Poland
GRINSPAN, Arie Leib or Avraham Leib—born 1924, Lodz, Poland
Father: Josef Grinspan
Mother: Zila Grinspan nee Liss
The family lived in ul. Franciszkanska 30, Lodz till they were transferred to the Lodz Ghetto to ul. Bazancia 5.
The family was in the ghetto until 1944. The mother and Reuven were sent to Auschwitz, later also the rest of the family. Their brother, Yitzchak—born 1931, Lodz, thinks he is the only survivor, but perhaps..
Submitted by Yitzchak Grinspan; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1028
GRINSTEIN/GRINSZTAJN, Areck, Arye born 1927, Lodz, Poland
Father: Israel Wolf Grinstein
Mother: Andja Hana Grinstein nee Kopel
The family lived in ul. Pulnacna 5 in Lodz
Submitted by Moshe Grinstein; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1131
GROB, Leon—born and lived in Bielsko Biala, Poland
GROB, Gina—born and lived in Bielsko Biala
GROB, Zelma—born and lived in Bielsko Biala
These three brothers and sisters lived with their parents in Bielsko-Biala.
Unfortunately their cousin has forgotten the parents’ name.
Submitted by Gina Rossbach; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber:1098

HALLER/GALLER, Avraham—born ca 1935 Storozhinets, Ukraine
Father: Markus Mordechai Haller
Mother: Malli Miriam Haller
Last seen in 1941 when he was with two women from the Ivanir family.
Submitted by David Dutziu Haller; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1006
HALLER—several children from Jasliska near Rymanow
Father: Jackov Haller—from Jasliska near Rymanow, Poland
Mother: Perl Haller
This couple had several children. Perhaps some of them survived?
It is known that the family was separated during the Russian occupation in 1939 and that the father and two of his children were sent to work in Russia.
Submitted by David Dutziu Haller; relative
EMAIL Filenumber: 1006
HECHT, Gershon Leib—born 1938-1939, Lodz, Poland
Father: Chaim David Hecht—born 1911; died 1975
Mother: Golda Lea Hecht nee Hecht—born 1917: died 1983.
During the war in the Lodz Ghetto, the grandparents Zysio and Blima Hecht managed to escape with Gershon Leib, one and a half years old at the time, to Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland. Did he survive?
Submitted by Hinda Bluma Macabi nee Hecht; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1039
HEIMBERG, Vilma and her sister—born ca 1930-1935, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Father: Julek Heimberg from Drogobych, Ukraine
Mother: Erna Heimberg, not Jewish, from German speaking region in Poland
Erna and the two daughters stayed in Bygdoszcz, while the father Julek went to Warsaw. There he worked for the Resistance Movement till he was caught and executed.
There was some contact between Erna Heimberg and her sister in law Anna Nuna Heimberg till the beginning of the fifties. Vilma and her sister have a cousin in Israel who would like to find them.
Submitted by Ariela Novick; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1084
HERSKOWITZ ,(Boy)—born in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland
Father: (Unknown)Herskowitz
Mother: Malka Herskowitz nee Abbe born 1909
The family lived in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.
Submitted by Mendel Max Abbe; uncle
Submitted by Israel Aviel,cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1101
HERSKOWITCH, Cecil—born ca 1929-1932, Bukarest, Romania
Father: Strul Israel Herskowitch died shortly after daughter’s birth.
Mother: Cecil Herskowitch—died at daughter’s birth.
Her maternal grandparents in Bucharest raised Cecil.
Assumedly Cecil came to Eretz Israel with Aliyat Hanoar during the years 1944-1946.
Submitted by Perl Rosita; cousin
EMAIL Filenumber: 1051
HERSKOVIC, Mendel—born 1932, Bristra, Czechoslovakia
Father: Michael Herskovic
Mother: Rivka Pearl Markovic
Was last seen in Korchitzer Orphanage, Ukraine in 1944.
Submitted by Toby Dror; niece
EMAIL Filenumber: 1057
HERZBERG, Betti—born 1933, Duisberg, Germany
Father: Schimon Herzberg
Mother: Mala Herzberg
The family lived in Duisberg, Germany, but were Polish citizens.
The mother and two of her children were deported through Zbaszyn to Warsaw in 1939. The father was sent to Ravensbrueck. She managed to send one of her children from Poland to Israel in 1942. Did she also manage to save Betti?
Submitted by Miriam Kortoni nee Herzberg; sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1036
HOCHERMAN, Ester—born 1925, Warsaw, Poland
HOCHERMAN, Lotta—born 1923, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Melech Mojlech Hocherman
Mother: Helena Hocherman nee Wegmeister
Lived in ul. Zelazna, Warsaw.
Submitted by Hadassa Gour Ary, cousin;
Submitted by Hadassa Friedman, cousin;
Submitted by Rachel Schneersohn, cousin.
EMAIL Filenumber: 1038
HONIG, Bronislaw, Bronus born Oct. 8th 1935, Krakow, Poland
Mother: Rose Honig
Father: David Honig
The parents and Bronus were sent to Plaszow after the liquidation of the Ghetto in Krakow. Here the parents managed to smuggle their son out to a female non jJewish co worker, probably with the family name Jarosh. This woman would take Bronus to a street corner to allow the parents to see their son on their way between their workplace and the Plaszow camp. The last time they saw him was in sept. 1943
After the war the father went back to Krakow to search for his son. The apatment was empty, as if the woman and Bronus had moved out. ” Rogowicz” has some connection to this story.
The parents died two years ago, but Bronus’ sister Barbara who was born after the war, hopes to find her lost brother or to know what happened to him

Submitted by Barbara Honig; sister
Email: bhonig@juno.com
EMAIL Filenumber 1136
HUBERMAN, Sami Samaja—born 21 Sept 1939, Hamburg, Germany
Father: Hirsch Huberman—born 1897.
Mother: Sara Huberman nee Wollstein—born 1899.
The family lived in Hamburg.
They were deported to Minsk Nov 18th 1941. They were last seen in Minsk in September 1943.
Submitted by Norma Gabinet; sister Submitted by Hanna Berger; sister Submitted by Herbert Huberman; brother
EMAIL Filenumber 1067

IBER, David—born September 1934, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Meilech Iber
Mother: Sala Iber
Stayed with his grandmother and aunt.
Submitted by Sabine Nechama Plomb nee Iber;sister
EMAIL Filenumber: 1029

KAFERMAN, Stefek—born 1938, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Juziek Joseph Kaferman
Mother: Rena Kaferman
Submitted by Batia Kafri; cousin
EMAIL File number: 1114
KATZ, Rachel—born 1934, Pultusk, Poland
KATZ, Benjamin—born 1936, Pultusk, Poland
Father: Pesach Katz—born 1900
Mother: Sara Katz In 1941
Rachel was in an orphanage in Bialystok, Poland in 1941
Benjamin was in an orphanage in Grodno, Belarus
Submitted by Shlomo Katz; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1025
KATZ, Reisel—born in the 1930’s, Warsaw, Poland
KATZ, Hirschel—born in the 1930’s in Warsaw
KATZ, Joseph—born in the 1930’s in Warsaw
Father: Zalman Katz
Mother: Keile Katz
The family lived in ul. Zielna 52, Warsaw.
Submitted by Yaacov Kuba Katz; brother
EMAIL Filenumber:1085
KLUGER, Jonas—born 1927, Dobczyce, Krakow, Poland
KLUGER, Zofia—born 1921, Dobczyze, Krakow, Poland
Father: Benjamin Kluger
Mother: Jocheved Kluger
Brothers and sister living in Israel found out in 1996 that Jonas and Zofia survived the war, and they are now trying to find them.
Jonas supposedly still lives in Poland. Zofia probably left Poland in 1961.
Submitted by Jocheved Shaked and Rivka Alon;nieces
EMAIL Filenumber 1002
KOMOROWSKA, Rosa—born ca 1932, near Konskie, Poland
KOMOROWSKA, (Miriam?)—born ca 1934, near Konskie, Poland
Father: Riven Reuben Komorowski
Mother: Perl Komorowski nee Gurewitz
These two sisters survived Holocaust; emigrated to the States in 1949.
They might live as Catholics, perhaps in the area of Chicago.
Submitted by Srol Israel Komorowski; brother
EMAIL Filenumber: 1102