Missing Children K – Z

KRUH, Basia—born 1927, Stanislavov/Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine
KRUH, Zalman—born 1928, Stanislavov/Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine
Father: Jehuda Wolf Horowitz—died in 1932
Mother: Alte Dreise Kroh
The two children lived in a Jewish orphanage in ul. Mateki in Stanislavov until 1939. Then the Jewish and Ukrainian orphanages were united and the children were transferred in 1940 to Marijampolo, Ukraine, to what was called the Ukrainian Orphanage.
According to one witness, the children in this orphanage were not killed.
Submitted by David Kruh; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1034
KRON, Yecheskel—born 1933 in Zambrow (?), Poland
Father: Leib Arie Kron
Mother: Sara Kron
Fleeing in 19?? submitted by Zambrow, Poland to Russia with his two brothers, the train was bombed and the brothers were separated. Yecheskel was taken to an orphanage in Saratov, USSR.
There was one letter in June 1941 between Yecheskel and his brother Abraham while Yecheskel stayed in the orphanage.
Submitted by Abraham Kron; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1093
KUPERBERG, Fischel—born 1936, Lodz, Poland
KUPERBERG, (girl)—born 1939/1940
KUPERBERG, (girl)—born after 1940
Father: Moshe Kuperberg
Mother: Masha Kuperberg nee Pilater
The family lived in Lodz, but fled to the East. The two youngest girls where born somewhere in Russia.
Submitted by Baruch Kuperberg; uncle
EMAILFilenumber: 1053
KUPERBERG, Nathan—born 1938, Lodz, Poland
Father: Feibel Fajwel Kuperberg born in Russia; in Lodz from 1920
Mother: Hella Hinda Kuperberg nee Szpiro
Feibel Kuperberg became a prisoner of war in Germany after fighting in the Polish army in 1939/1940. He was released and interned in Ghetto Lodz where he stayed with his family.
According to unconfirmed reports, the family was sent to Auschwitz in 1943.
Submitted by Baruch Kuperberg; uncle
EMAILFilenumber: 1053

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LANDES, Yecheskel—born 1932, Tarnow , Poland
Father: Shlomo Landes
Mother: Rivka Mania Landes nee Aspis
The boy was last seen in Tarnow in 1945.
Submitted by relatives in Israel
EMAILFilenumber: 1037
LERNER, Miriam—born 1933, Korets, 62 km E of Rovno, Ukraine
Father: Jakob Lerner
Mother: Lea Lerner nee Varona
Lived in orphanage in Chernyye Ostrov, 126 km SSE of Rovno. During the war this orphanage was evacuated to Russia.
In 1942 she was in an orphanage near the city of Peer, formerly Molotow.
Submitted by Avraham Lerner; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1056
LEV, Bonia—born 1938, Lvov, Ukraine
Father: (?) Lev
Mother: Sabina Lev nee Hahn
In 1940 this little boy was given to the Polish cook who worked for the family.
Submitted by Dov Wolf; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1066
LEWIN, Rachel—born ca 1937-1938, Vilnius, Lithuania
Father: Shaul Lewin
Mother: Unknown Lewin
The family lived in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Submitted by Shaul Zur; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1049
LEWIN, Shalom—born 1933 Vilnius, Lithuania
Father: Arie Leib Lewin
Mother: Lea Lewin nee
The family lived in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Submitted by Shaul Zur; nephew
EMAILFilenumber: 1049
LEWKOWITCZ, Joel—born 1931, Krakow, Poland
LEWKOWITCZ, Frieda Friedetka—born 1938, Krakow, Poland
Father: Leon Lewkowitcz
Mother: Ester Lewkowitcz nee Wegmeister
The family lived in Krakow and was later in Ghetto Krakow
Submitted by Hadassa Gour Ary; cousin
Submitted by Hadassa Feldmann; cousin
Submitted by Rachel Schneersohn; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1038
LICHTMAN or GONGOLIVICH (baby girl)—born ca 1943-1945, Ukraine
Mother: Rachel Lichtman or Gongolivich from Zobovnow(?)
The mother was separated from her husband and daughter during the war.
After the war she married again, and now her children from this second marriage would like to find their half sister.
Submitted by Matthias and Catherine Gould
EMAILFilenumber: 1123
LUNG, Miriam—born ca 1940, Michkolz, Hungary
LUNG, Juri—born ca 1943
Father: Lippa Lung
Mother: Reli Lung nee Grinberg
The family used to live in Michkolz, Hungary. They were sent to Auschwitz in May 1944.
Could this Miriam be the same Miriam Lung who is married and works/worked at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa?
Submitted by Chana Wachtel nee Lung; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1095

MARGULES, Jozo Josef—born 1938, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Jakob Kuba Margules
Mother: Toza Ester Margules nee Halpern
The family lived in ul. Ogrodova 29, Warsaw. In September 1939 the parents fled to Russia.
The son, who had a high fever, stayed in Warsaw with his grandmother and aunt. There was some correspondence till 1941.
Submitted by Rachel Irina Margalit; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1041
MARGULIS/MARGALIT, Jehudit—born 193? Kolno, Poland
Father: Eli Margulis/Margalit
Mother: Jente Rivka Margulis/Margalit
The parents had a bakery in the center of Kolno, Poland.
Submitted by Lea Zafroni nee Margulis; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1087
MILDERIOWA, Nelli, born around 1931 Presow, Czeckia
Father: Yecheskel
Mother: Regina
The family lived in Presow, Czeckia.
Nelli’s sister Sara came to Israel in 1946 and still hopes to find her younger sister.
Submitted by Sara fenkel nee Milderiowa; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1088
MILGROM, Hadassa—born 1928, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Jakob Milgrom
Mother: Lotta Zlata Rachel Milgrom nee Wegmeister
The family lived in Warsaw in ul. Zelazna
Submitted by Hadassa Gour Ary; cousin
Submitted by Hadassa Feldmann; cousin
Submitted by Rachel Schneersohn; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1038
MILKANOWITSKI, Ditka—born 1933, Vilnius, Lithuania
Father: Bonim Milkanowitski (lawyer) born in Baranowitch
Mother: Batti Milkanowitski nee Merlis
The father was the head of the Jewish community before the war and became the head of the JUDENRAT during the war.
The maternal grandparents, Obsei and Helena Merlis, ul.Nikodema 6, Vilnius; had a servant named Anoska. Anoska later worked for the Milkanowitski family.
When the family was interned in the ghetto, it was Anoska who took Ditka with her.
Submitted by Shoshana Finkelstein; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1073
MUSIKANTSKI/Y, Abraham—born 15 Aug 1938, Chimisheia, Moldova
Father: Motke Monia Musikantski
Mother: Sura Musikantski nee Litvak
The family lived in Chimisheia Moldova.
Abraham disappeared in 1941 during the bombings near Nikopol, close to the river Dnepr, Ukraine.
Submitted by Fania Fishmann nee Litvak; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1069

NAUCHICHEL, Liba—born 1930, Warsaw, Poland
NAUCHICHEL, Zippora—born 1932, Warsaw
Father: Yitzchak Nauchichel
Mother: Idel Nauchichel nee Zalmonowitz
The family lived in ul. Stratkowa 30, Warsaw Praga till the war.
Submitted by Israel Nauchichel; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1076
NEIMAN, Anshel—born 1938, Przasnysz (?) near Makow Mazowiecki, Poland
Father: Moshe Neiman
Mother: Rivka Lea Neiman
The family with their four children escaped to Russia in 1939. The mother died in 1943 in Frunze, Kirgizia and the children where put in orphanages.
Anshel was last seen in Jalabad. Anshel is an invalid without his right hand, which he lost when he fell under a train. The hand was amputated under the right elbow.
Submitted by Chava Feineisen; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1005

ODELSMANN, (Baby Girl)–born ca 1941, Bosyach (?), Ukraine
Father: Hillel Odelsmann submitted by Otynya, Ukraine
Mother: Feige Odelsmann nee Kriegel from Otynya, Ukraine
According to some sources this little baby girl was given to her nanny in an attempt to save her. She was about six months old at the time.
Submitted by Ora Levi Frank; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1003
ORLINSKA, Vanda—born ca 1933, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Maxmillian Orlinski (surgeon)
Mother: Unknown Orlinska nee Kulik
The family lived in Warsaw.
Her German nanny, named Anna in 1940-1941 hid Vanda.
Submitted by Reuven Oron/Ryczard Nachstern; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1100
ORLINSKA, (baby daughter)—born ca 1939, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Henryk Orlinski
Mother: Izabella Orlinska
The family lived in Warsaw.
Submitted by Reuven Oron/Ryczard Nachstern; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1100

PALIVODA, Sara—born 1930, Sosnowiec, Poland
PALIVODA, Aharon—born 1926, Sosnowiec
Father: Max Palivoda
Mother: Masha Polivoda –born ca 1905
The family lived in ul. Tovarowa 7, in Sosnowiec, Poland.
Submitted by Shlomo Palivoda; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1078
POWONZEK, Ester—born ca 1927, Lopianka, Poland
POWONZEK, Moshe—born ca 1928 Lopianka, Poland
Father: Israel Baruch Powonzek
Mother: Sara Git Powonzek nee Lesnik
Last seen in 1939 when their brother fled to Russia. According to one report the sister was hiding with a Polish family, but might have run away from them.
Submitted by Abraham Powonzek; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1010
PUTTERMANN, Zvia –born ca 1937, Otwock, Poland
PUTTERMANN (girl)—born ca 1938, Otwock, Poland
PUTTERMANN (girl)—born ca 1939, Otwock, Poland
Father: Chanina Puttermann
Mother: Dvorah Puttermann nee Solberg
The family lived in Otwock.
The mother gave her three daughters to a Polish neighbor when the Germans evacuated the Jews from Otwock.
Submitted by Masha Turner; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1050

RABINOWICZ, Heniek born around 1931/1932 Lodz, Poland
RABINOWICZ, Marek born around 1936/1937 Lodz, Poland
Father: Dwid Rabinowicz, born around 1903
Mother: Pola Rabinowicz nee Koreberg born 1905
The family lived in ul. Srodmieska 28, Lodz till 23 December 1939
From then on they lived in Warsaw in ul. Nowolipki 7.
Submitted by Bracha Shoham; niece
EMAILFilenumber: 1129
REISMANN, Miklos—born Feb 8th 1937, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Father: Jeno Reismann
Mother: Ilona Reismannee Stern
In 1944 the mother gave her son to a Christian family in the Kobanya area in Budapest. When she returned after the war, she could not find him or the family who hid him.
Submitted by the family of Miklos Reismann
EMAILFilenumber: 1011
REISSFELD, Moshe—born ca 1935, Lublin, Poland
Father: Hirsch Meier Reissfeld
Mother: Nechama Reissfeld nee Mittelman
Uncle: Nathan Reissfeld
The family lived in Lublin before the war.
Submitted by Zvi, son of Nathan Reissfeld; nephew
EMAILFilenumber: 1108
REZNIK, Noach –born 1941/1942, Ghetto Vilna, Lithuania
Father: Chaim Reznik
Mother: Shulamith Reznik nee Pilovnik
This baby boy was smuggled out of the Vilna Ghetto at the age of TEN DAYS and placed in a Polish monastery. He had a note giving his identity.
Submitted by Rivka Shmuelewitz; halfִsister
EMAILFilenumber: 1001
RIEGELHAUPT, Ido—born 1931, Grybow, Poland
RIEGELHAUPT, Mania—born 1929, Grybow, Poland
Father: Meir Riegelhaupt
Mother: Henia Riegelhaupt
The family lived in Grybow, Poland.
Submitted by Feige Shemaya nee Riegelhaupt; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1079
ROSENZWEIG, Juri Samuel—born January 1931, Salgotarian, Hungary
Father: Jakov Rosenzweig
Mother: Ilona Rosenzweig nee Steiner
The family lived in Salgotarian. Juri was last seen in Auschwitz in August 1944.
His sister believes she recognized him in a photo taken in Bari, Italy AFTER the war and perhaps also in a picture taken of soldiers in the PALMACH.
Submitted by Ella Leonora Cohen nee Rosenzweig;sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1071
ROSSBACH, Cain—born 1927, Oswiecim, Poland
ROSSBACH, Lipa—born 1930, Oswiecim, Poland
ROSSBACH, Chana—born 1932, Oswiecim, Poland
Father : Nachum Rossbach
Mother: Sabine Rossbach
The family lived in Oswiecim.
The surviving sister Gina still hopes to find her siblings.
Submitted by Gina Rossbach; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1098
ROZANSKI, Eliezer Leizer—born ca 1934, Belarus
ROZANSKI, Rivka—born ca 1936, Belarus
Father: Abraham Rozanski–born 1909
Mother: Chana Rozanski—born 1912
The family lived in Zelbian (?) near Piaski, Belarus.
Submitted by Yifat Shor; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1106
ROZANSKI, Chaja—born ca 1935, Belarus
ROZANSKI, Fruma—born ca 1938, Belarus
Father: Dov Berl Rozanski—born ca 1912
Mother: Bubche Rozanski—born ca 1914
The family lived in Zelbian (?) near Piaski, Belarus.
Submitted by Yifat Shor; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1106
ROZENCWAIG, Regina—born ca 1930, probably in Chemnitz, Germany
ROZENCWAIG, David—born ca 1936, probably in Chemnitz, Germany
Father: Max Rosencwaig
Mother: Zelda Zosia Rosencwaig nee Goldberg
The family lived in Chemnitz, Germany.
Probably in the end of the thirties the family moved to Brussels, Belgium.
Submitted by Sara Artzi Goldberg; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1045
ROWNER, Aharon—born 1935/1936 in Kovel, Ukraine
Father: Jerachmiel Rowner
Mother: Fania Frieda Rowner nee Shteinsnaid/Steinschneid
The father was enlisted in the Russian army in 1939 and does not know what happened to his family.
Submitted by Aliza Rowner; halfִsister
EMAILFilenumber: 1016
RUBINSTEIN, Chaja—born ca 1940-1941, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Leibush Rubinstein
Mother: Guta Gutcha Rubinstein nee Palgun
The family lived in Warsaw. The Polish family Jashinska in Warsaw hid Chaja and her cousin Malka.
After the war Rabbi Schoenfeld redeemed the two girls. Malka was adopted in England and Chaja was adopted in the Netherlands. The contact was lost. Now her relatives would like to get in contact with Chaja.
Submitted by Fela Schwinkelstein; cousin of Leibush
EMAILFilenumber: 1116

SCHWIMMER , Yeshayahu—born 1930’s, Jaslo, Poland
Father Pinchas Schwimmer
Mother: Liba Schwimmer
The family lived in Jaslo.
Submitted by Rachel Kollender; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1061
SCHWIMMER , Lea—born 1930’s, Tarnow, Poland
Father: Abraham Schwimmer
The family lived in Tarnow.
Submitted by Rachel Kollender; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1061
SILBERMAN , (Baby boy)—born 1941, Bzesko (?)
Father: Pinchas Silberman
Mother Sara Silberman nee
Was given to a Polish family named Satzimski in the village Bzesko when he was three months old
Submitted by Chana Fruchter; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1035
SOBOL, Bertha—born (?), Brazano, Czechia or Czeck Republic
SOBOL, Helena—born (?), Brazano, Czechia or Czeck Republic
Father: Michael Sobol
Mother: Chana Sobol
The family lived in Brazano, Czechia or Czeck Republic
In 1941 the family was on a train going from Brazano towards Ukraine. The son, Morris, then 13, jumped off the train in Hungary and survived. What happened to his family?
Submitted by Moshe Morris Sobol; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1091
SOLOMON, Aviva, born 1938 Vilkaviski (maybe Pilvishki or Vilnius) Lithuania
Father; Moshe Solomin
Mother: Ita Ida Solomin nee Hoffman/Goffman
The parents were killed on Nov 15th 1941
Did Aviva survive?
Submitted by Mark J. Budman, cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1131
STEINBERG , Shlomo—born 1934 in Munkacz/Mukachevo, Ukraine
STEINBERG, Josef—born 1936 in Mukachevo, Ukraine
STEINBERG, Lea–born 1938 in Mukachevo, Ukraine
Father: Mosha Steinberg
Mother: Sara Steinberg nee Goldstein
The family raised horses in Mukachevo.
During the war the whole family was sent to Auschwitz. The surviving son, Efraim—born 1932 (died 1981), saw his father three months before the liberation. Efraim’s wife and children still hope to find relatives of the Steinberg family.
Submitted by Viviane Steinberg; sisterִinִlaw
EMAILFilenumber: 1058
STOLZENBERG , Klara (Marysia)—born 21 March 1938 in Busk near Lvov,Ukraine
Father: Henoch Stolzenberg
Mother: Debora Stolzenberg
When the family fled from Busk in May 1943 they left little Klara with a Polish family named Gorzak in Busk.
Later, probably in the end of 1943, she might have been given to the Ukrainian family of Landzio Jakimowicz, or perhaps to an orphanage or cloister.
Submitted by Max Stolzenberg; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1014
SZATAN, Henik born 1930, Kalisz, Poland
SZATAN, Naomi, born 1935, Kalisz
SZATAN, Shoshana, born 1935, Kalisz
Father Motel Szatan born 1910, Zdunska Wola
Mother: Dvorah Szatan nee Gutfreund
The family lived in ul. Nova 19 or 29 in Kalisz, Poland
Submitted by V. Ortmann; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1048
SZKOLNIK , Feiga Bruche—born ca 1927, Khorostkov near Ternopol, Ukraine
Father: Jakob Szkolnik
Mother: Malka Szkolnik.
Feige was blond with blue eyes.
The family lived in Khorostkov.
Submitted by Rachel Rosenzweig; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1007
SZMERLING , Moshe—born Aug 1930, Lodz, Poland
Father: Pinchas Szmerling
Mother: Shulamit Rouzak
Brothers and sisters: Einich, Kalman/Karl and Heno/Hela.
Last time seen while descending the train in Auschwitz on 13 August 1943.
Submitted by Norbi Liron; Hela’s grandchild
E- mail: norbi@tti-telecom.com
EMAILFilenumber: 1124

TANNENBAUM , Simcha—born 1940, Manevichi, Ukraine
Father: Herschel Tannenbaum, originally submitted by Kovel
Mother: Sonia Tannenbaum nee Farfel
The family lived in Manevichi, Ukraine.
Submitted by Ester Bornstein nee Farfel; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1112
TENENBAUM , Felusia—born ca 1933-1934, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Kuba Tenenbaum
Mother: Ranja Tenenbaum—died before the war
The family lived in Warsaw.
Did Felusia’s father manage to save his daughter?
Felusia’s uncle was Mordechai Tenenbaum, the leader of the Uprising in Ghetto Bialystok.
Submitted by Tamar Krivoshei nee Tenenbaum; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1030
THEICHER , David “Dani”—born 30 Nov 1939, Drogobych, Ukraine
Father: Marcus Theicher
Mother: Agata Theicher
The family lived in ul. Jana 4 (now ul. Czkalowa 4), Drogobych.
n 1942 David “Dani” was given to the Polish family Batzcinski in Lvov with the help of Lonka Folten. Lonka Folten lived in ul. Boroslavska, Drogobych; opposite the offices of Petropol Limited, Poland.
The parents survived (the father was in Mauthausen, the Mother was in Auschwitz). The father searched for his son in Lvov in 1946. He was told the son had died of typhus, but was not given any further details.
Submitted by Geula Lidor nee Theicher; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1055
TONDOWSKA , Bisia—born 1930, Wielun, Poland
Father: Efraim Tondowski
Mother: Ruzia Tondowska nee Lieberman
Bisia lived with mother and brother named Adasz/Adolek/Avraham in ul. Okulna 11, Wielun.
Submitted by Rachel Ginsburgִ Shachar; niece
EMAILFilenumber: 1000

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UKERMAN, Buziele born around 1933 in Goshcha/Hoszcza, Ukraine (32 km E of Rovno)
Father: (?) Ukerman, originally from Luck
Mother: Toybe Ukerman nee Flon
Maternal grandfather: Shulem Flon
Maternal aunt: Bracha Flon
The parents had a shop for galoshes/overshoes.
During the first Aktzia in May 1942 Buziela’s close relatives were all murdered. She then lived with family friends in the ghetto till Sept 1942
After the war friends heard that she had survived. She was living with the family of a female teacher in Zdolbunow (19 km S of Rovno) or in the vicinity and did not want to leave this family
According to one witness, Buziele was resqued by an Ukrainian policeman and got the name of Ola Oleczuk
Submitted by Mirele’s Kranzberg’s sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1065

VINTER , Yechiel—born ca 1938, Fratautz near Radauti, Bukovina, Romania
VINTER, Yitzchak—born ca 1936, Fratautz near Radauti, Bukovina, Romania
Father: Moritz Vinter
Mother: Frida Vinter nee Shtekel
The family lived in Fratautz before the war.
Were last seen by relatives in concentration camp in Skazinets, Ukraine, probably in 1941. They were then taken together with other young children to an orphanage in Mogilev Podolskiy; Ukraine.
Submitted by Moritz Vinter; father and Silvia; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1033

WADLER , Naftali—born 1930’s in Jaslo or Bochnia, Poland
Father: Feivel Wadler
The family lived in Jaslo or in Bochnia.
Submitted by Rachel Kollender; relative
EMAILFilenumber: 1061
WAGMAN , Marek—born 1940, Borislav,Ukraine
Father: Iser Wagman
Mother: Regina Wagman
Little Marek was given to a Polish family named Glud during the war. Where is he?
Submitted by Menachem Wagman; brother
E-mail: nisko@netvision.net.il
EMAILFilenumber: 1125
WAJNRAUCH , Feige—born 1939, Lodz, Poland
Father: Shlomo Wajnrauch
Mother: Dina Wajnrauch
The family with their six children—born 1929-1939, lived in Lodz. In 1939 the family fled to Russia, but left baby Feige in a children’s home in Lodz.
Submitted by Sara Meller; sister
EMAILFilenumber: 1105
WASSERMAN , Jacob—born 1933, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Berle Motel Wasserman
Mother: Feige Fela Wasserman nee Auerbach
The family lived in Warsaw
Submitted by Miriam Tugendhaft nee Auerbach; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1044
WEGMAJSTER , Jona Jontka–born 1935, Warsaw, Poland
WEGMAJSTER, Hadassa—born 1938, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Nechemia Wegmajster
Mother: Dina Wegmajster
The family lived in Warsaw.
Submitted by Hadassa Gour Ary; cousin
Submitted by Hadassa Friedman; cousin
Submitted by Rachel Schneersohn; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1038
WEGMAJSTER , Lotta—born 1929, Lodz, Poland
Father: Moshe Wegmajster
Mother: Rozka Wegmajster
During the war Lotta lived with her grandmother in Ghetto Warsaw.
Submitted by Hadassa Gour Ary; cousin
Submitted by Hadassa Friedman; cousin
Submitted by Rachel Schneersohn; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1038
WESTREICH , Jakob Janek—born 1930, Tarnovzek (?)
Father: Itzchak Westreich
Mother: Golda Westreich nee Weinman
He was last seen in April 1943 when he was working as a shepherd in a Polish family near Jaroslav, Poland.
Submitted by Moshe Westreich; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1012
WIN , Basha—born 1932, Grojec, Poland
WIN, Gela—born 193?? Grojec, Poland
Father: Shlomo Win
Mother: Pola Win nee Wloshtchowska
The family lived in Grojec near Warsaw, but during the war moved to Bialobrzegi, near Radom.
In 1943 their brother Aharon was taken to a concentration camp in Radom. He survived but never found his family.
He is also looking for two cousins (named Mjetek—born 1931, and Ruzka, born 1930 in Warsaw) who were in Opatow during the war. Last seen in 1943.
Submitted by Aharon Win; brother and cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1023
WULF , Hene—born ca 1939/1940, Jelgava, Latvia
Father: Yitzchak Wolf—died 1980, Jelgava Latvia
Mother: Ida Wolf nee Binder submitted by Liepaja, Latvia
The parents married around 1938/1939. Ida had two brothers in the USA, who emigrated to the States before WW2.
The family was in Ghetto Riga. Did little Hene survive?
Submitted by Mira Feigelson; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1111

ZELINGER , two small children—born in the 1930’s in Oswiecim, Poland
Father: Kuba Zelinger
The family lived in Oswiecim.
Submitted by Gina Rossbach; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1098
ZIGMONTOVITCH , Hans Yitzchak Leibush—born 1932 Berlin, Germany
Father: Fishel Zigmontovitch
Mother: Reizel Zigmontovitch—born in Pabyanitz, Poland
Submitted by Yigal Kafka; son of cousin
E-mail: yigal@tti.co.il
EMAILFilenumber: 1126
ZILBERBERG, Basia, born around 1936, Rokitnoye, Ukraine
Father: Szija Shimon Zilberberg
Mother: Szoszana Silberberg
Brothers: Zeew( born around 1932) and Aizik (born around 1934)
The family lived in Rokitnoye, 101 km NNE of Rovno and fled to Uzbekistan during the war.
The parents died, the sister disappeared and the two brothers were placed in an orphanage for both Jewish and non-Jewish children
After the war they were repatriated to Poland and through DROR brought to Israel. Did their sister survive?
Submitted by Zeew Zilberberg; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1135
ZILBERMEHL , Ditka Edith Ester—born ca 1932-1933, Garvolin, Poland
Father: Hersch Zvi Zilbermehl
Mother: Nadzja Necha Zilbermehl nee Kaferman
Lived in the orphanage of Janusz Korczak in Warsaw.
Submitted by Batia Kafri; cousin
EMAILFilenumber: 1114
ZILBERNADEL , Moshe Miecio—born 1932, Warsaw, Poland
Father: Jakob Zilbernadel
Mother: Sara Zilbernadel nee Auerbach
The family lived in Warsaw, Poland.
Submitted by Miriam Tugendhaft nee Auerbach; aunt
EMAILFilenumber: 1044
ZITRIN , (baby girl)—born 1941, probably in Kovel, Ukraine
Father: Efraim Zitrin
Mother: Sara Zitrin nee Egdysh.
The family lived in Kovel, Ukraine.
Submitted by Egdysh; uncle
EMAILFilenumber: 1109
ZYLBERT , Mania—born 1930, Warsaw
ZYLBERT, Sara—born 1932, Warsaw
Father: Nachum Zylbert—born 1897, Warsaw, Poland
Mother: Chana Zylbert nee Finkelkraut—born 1900, Warsaw, Poland
The family lived in ul. Smoeia in Warsaw. In 1933 they moved to the Christian area of Zolibuz to ul. Potoeka 20, Warsaw.
In 1939 they were forced to move to ul. Walicow 10 in the small ghetto of Ghetto Warsaw.
When the small ghetto was destroyed in 1941, the son David lost contact with his family. He himself worked smuggling food to the ghetto. He later joined the A-L underground.
Submitted by David Zylbert; brother
EMAILFilenumber: 1107