Natala NN /Warszawa / Gdansk area/ Poland KOORDYNACJA

natalanatalaSurname: Unknown, later NAREWSKA
Name: Natala / Natalia, During the war also Eva
Birth Date: ca. 1940 – 1941; perhaps earlier?
Birth Place: Unknown, perhaps Warszawa, Poland, perhaps Gdansk area, Poland.
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown

Natala was brought to the Polish orphanage in Orunia near Gdansk on October 9th 1946 by a woman named Izabella Dobrzanska.

On March 1st 1947 she was brought by Julian Altman from the orphanage in Orunia to ul.Gdanska 55, Lodz .
On March 3th 1947 she entered the Koordynacja Orphange in ul.Piotrowska 88, Lodz.
In January 1948 she was brought from Poland to France with other children.
She arrived in Eretz Israel in March 1948 aboard the SS Cirenia.

I stayed with a Polish family as their middle daughter. There was an older son and a handicapped younger daughter. They called me Eva.
I remember soldiers searching our home. There was also heavy bombing and we had to leave the city. I saw destroyed houses.
I had black hair and brown eyes. One day the children on the street called me ” dirty Jew”. I ran home, wanting my parents to tell me why the children did this and to get an explanation what a Jew is. The parents told me I was not their real daughter and that my name was Natala.
They had taken me from an institution when I was half a year old ” in order to save the children in the institution”.
The parents told me I endangered the family and therefore they placed me in a children’s home but I ran away and returned home. Now I was chased away and started my struggle for survival. I remember being in different institutions, also in a hospital.
At one point I stayed with a family in a small town(?) where there was snow and we travelled by sledge on the snow.
This family had a daughter.
I remember names like Warsaw and Lodz, but not Gdansk.

Can you help us find Izabella Dobrzanska who might tell us where and when she found Natala?

Can anybody help us find Julian Altman who probably worked for the Koordynacja organisation?

Could it be that Natala lived with her first Polish family in Warsaw and that the bombing is part of the Great Uprising in August / September 1944 when the civilian population had to leave the city?

The KARTA institute in Warszawa is building an index over Polish citizens who suffered under Soviet regime from 1939 – 1959. So far there are more than 200000 names online.The website is only in Polish, so far.

Searching for Narewski, there were 11 male Narewski and two female Narewska. Out of these, one Narewski is certainly Jewish: Mendel Narewski , son of Srul ( Israel), born in 1887, arrested in Belarus and Ukraine during the years 1939 – 1941.

Till now, we had mostly considered Narewski an invented name for a child survivor without a remembered family name. It may still be Natala got the Narewski name during or after the war, but this Mendel Narewski shows that there were some Jewish Narewski families.

So we will from now be greatful for information about any additional Jewish Narewski families.

If Natala’s original family name is indeed Narewski/Narewska then it is interesting to note that on JRI-Poland all Narewski persons come from Bialystok.


In the 1938/1939 telephone register for Warszawa there is an entry for
NAREWSKI Zygmunt, nauczyciel ( = teacher), who lived in ul. Zurawia 28 in Warszawa.
If this teacher was Jewish or not, we do not know.
If he has any connection to Natala, we also do not know at this point.
But as Natala remembers heavy bombing and burnt out houses, which MAY point to Warszawa, we will keep this name and see where it leads us.

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written by assignment, May 05, 2009
Nice work

written by kathleen labrake, September 04, 2006
I came across this page as i was searching for some geneology for my fathers name Narewski–His father was Jan (john) Narewski married to Frances Grabowska. My dad was born in 1923 now deceased. I have no other information but it struck me that the person you seek is a teacher, as there are many educators in my family. I dont see these people to get other info. I know my grandparents spoke polish and i believe there were 6 children…Chester, Stan, Hattie, Helen, Frances, William.

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