Piotr NN / Warszawa, Poland / Zakopane. Poland

petroSurname: Unknown, after the war KORCZAK
Name: Unknown, during the war Piotr (?)
Birth Date: 1940-1941
Birth Place: Ghetto Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Lena Kichler found little Piotr in the Warsaw Ghetto in the autumn of 1942.
She smuggled him and four other children out of the ghetto in potato sacks.
She arranged for the children to be placed in the orphanage of the cloister of Father Baudouin in Warszawa.

Later ( possibly in August 1944) the children in this orphanage were evacuated from Warszawa to the orphanage of the Bublai cloister near Zakopane.
Here Lena Kichler redeemed Piotr and four other children, on the eve of the departure of her orphanage,
from Zakopane in March 1946.

The children were then brought through Prague, Czechoslovakia to France.
In France, the children stayed three months at Combault and then three years in Belville near Paris.
Piotr immigrated to Israel in 1949 together with the other children.

The name Piotr might or might not his real name.
The name Korczak is probably not his real name.

So here we have a little boy from Ghetto Warsaw, born around 1941.

Look at his face! Do you see a family resemblance?

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written by Kathleen Palulis Tezak, October 17, 2007
This photo looks like my father when he was younger. He was born in 1946, but had 4 older brothers that were lost when seperated from his mother (my grandmother) during the holocaust. Do you have any other photos? My dads name is Victor Palulis. He and my granmother came to the US when he was three or four years old

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