Pola MISHURES / Zabolotye, Belarus / USSR

PolaSurname: MISHURES
Name: POLA During the war also POLIA and PELAGEIE
Birth Date: March 2nd 1937
Birth Place: Zabolot’ye, Chojniki rajon, Gomel oblast, Belorus
Father’s Name: Isaak
Pnina Modlin, born as Pola Mishures, died on shabat, March 22nd 2004. She was 66 years old. She is mourned by her husband Kelly, their three sons, their two daughters, sons-in- law and grandchildren and other family members and friends.

Far away in Orsk in the Ural mountains, she is deeply grieved by her brother Avram and his family– the brother she only was reunited with in 1999.

Pnina will be greatly missed by family and friends, but knowing how much Kelly loved his wife, and how happy Avram was to have found his little sister, makes Pnina’s death so very, very sad.

Blessed be her memory!

Eva Floersheim
March 24th 2004

When Pnina Modlin/Pola Meshuris was reunited with her brother Avram Abraham in 1999, this led to her close childhood friend Lea “Luda” finding her brother Roman Nirkin in Belarus. Lea and Pnina had come together from the USSR through Poland to Israel after World War Two and felt in many ways like they were sisters.

Following the reunion in 1999, Roman Nirkin and his family settled in Israel. On November 1st 2004 Lea was in the Carmel market in Tel Aviv when a suicide bomber blew himself up, murdering Lea and two other Israelis and wounding many others.

Blessed be Lea’s memory.

Kelly has written a third article about his search at the Belarus SIG.

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