Sabina Inka KAGAN / Chervonoarmeisk, Ukraine KOORDYNACJA

inkaSurname: KAGAN
Name: Sabina Inka (?)
Birth Date: Aug 1st 1941
Birth Place: Radziwillow = Radevil = Chervonoarmeisk , 88 km SW of Rovno, Ukraine
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
MATERNAL GRANDFATHER: “Kishel”, owner of flour mill
MATERNAL AUNT: Unmarried, worked at the post office
ONE UNCLE named Czernich had an apartment house and a steel business in Radziwillow
SECOND UNCLE: Lived in Brody and had a steel business there

Lately, through the Polish family that saved her, Inka has been given the information written above.
In addition she was told
1) That her parents were a young couple and that she was their only child.
2) That her parents smuggled her out of the ghetto in Radziwillow and gave her to a policeman and his family in May 1942.
3) That she lived as a hidden child with the policeman’s family from May 1942 till 1943.
4) In 1943 a Polish family named Rostrofowicz brought Inka to their home and she lived with this family till 1948.
5) In 1948 Jehuda Bornstein from the Zionist organization Koordinatzia brought her from the Rostrofowicz family to the Koordinatzia children’s home in Lodz.
6) She was then adopted by the Gusdowsky family who brought her to Israel.

According to “Where Once We Walked” there were 2036 Jews in Radziwillow before Holocaust.

Who were the biological parents of Inka Kagan?
What was the name of the maternal grandfather with the flour mill?
What was the name of the maternal aunt who worked at the post office?
Does anybody from Radziwillow, now Chervonoarmeisk, remember this family?

Any additional information or suggestion will be most welcome.


What can be found on a new Russian memorial site for around 1.5 million prisoners sent to the Siberian gulags?
Are these only male prisoners or are children and women also listed?
What is the information given about each individual?
If you read Russian , could you check this website for prisoners with the family name KAGAN and inform us about the results?

Previous Comments
written by Naomi Hoben, April 14, 2007
My mother’s family is from Radziwillow. I happened to come across the Sabina Inka Kagan page within “” and brought the child’s picture to show my mother, along with the various details. My mother, who is 86, recalls her family speaking about a “Kagan” family and recalls discussion of a flour mill. She also remembers the name Czernich. Her father spoke about the Kagan family being “wealthy”. My mother comes from a large family who owned a farm and storefront business on the property. Their name was Specktor. My mother is still looking for various people on her father’s side of the family. If the reader of this message knows of other survivors from that town, I would appreciate knowing how to get in touch with them.

I happened to also read comments directed at Sabina from “David Oliwek” who stated his mother was also from Radziwillow. I would like to be put in touch with him via e-mail if possible.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Naomi Hoben

written by David Oliwek, December 05, 2006
Dear Sabina,
You and I talked a while back several times. I put you in touch with my Mother who is from Radziwillow. She knew your family and your mother quite well. She knows a great deal about the whole family. If you recall I had spoken to you when you were in Israel some years ago. My Mother asked you to call her friend Eva also from Radziwillow who lived two houses away from your family. I am not sure if you got a chance to speak with Eva. If you would like to talk to me please feel free to do so. If you would again like to talk to my Mother let me know and I will put you in touch with her. Sincerely, David

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