Shlomo BRUCKER or LAJKIN / Chelm, Poland / Tashkent, Uzbekistan

shlomo shlomo1Surname: BRUCKER/BRUKER
Birth Date: Probably Dec 12th 1941.
Birth Place: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Paternal grandfather: JAKOB LEIKIN / LAJKIN
Mother’s Name: MATL BRUCKER born ca 1917 in Chelm, Poland
Maternal grandfather: Shlomo Brucker born 1877 in Chelm, Poland
Maternal grandmother: Feige Brucker

Shlomo’s story:
Matl Brucker fled from Chelm, Poland to the USSR, probably in 1939 when WWII broke out.
When and where she met and married Moshe Leikin / Lajkin is not clear. Their son Shlomo Brucker was born, probably, on Dec 12th 1941, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Moshe Leikin fell as a soldier in the Red Army.
It is most likely that Matl Brucker returned to Poland in 1946 on the Repatriacja program with her son Shlomo, but the first document we have found so far, shows that she already in 1946 was in Austria in the DP camp Admont .
On April 27th 1948 she died in Graz, Austria.
The Jewish community in Graz helped Shlomo locae the grave of his mother.

Shlomo was brought from Austria to Germany and then to Israel in April 1949.
In Israel he was adopted.

The probable family tree of the Brucker family.
Benzion Brucker and his wife Rifka Brucker lived in Chelm and had at least two sons:
1) Israel Brucker who married Sara Chaja and lived in Lodz
2) Shlomo Brucker, born 1877, who married Feige and lived in Chelm

Shlomo and Feige Brucker had five children:
1)Rifka Brucker, born ca 1907, married,children, killed in Holocaust
2)Sara Brucker, born ca 1913, killed in Holocaust
3)Benzion Brucker, born ca 1916, after the war Yiddish journalist in Argentina
4)Matl Brucker, born ca 1917, married to Moshe Leikin / Lajkin, died in Austria and buried in Graz, Austria in April 1948
5) Mordechai Brucker, born ca 1923, lived in Brooklyn after the war.

The Leikin/Lajkin family.
Where did this family live originally?
Where and when was Moshe Leikin born?
When and where did Moshe Leikin die in the Red Army during World War Two?
Did Moshe Leikin have brothers and sister, uncles, aunts and cousins who may have survived?

DP Camps in Austria.
DP Camp Admont: There is a photo of Shlomo taken in this camp in 1946.

DP Camp Ebelsberg – Linz: Benzion and Mordechai Brucker stayed in this camp, probably till 1949. Did Shlomo also stay in this camp?

Any information that may help Shlomo know where he was from the time he was born till he came to Israel in April 1949 is greatly appreciated.

Any confirmation of the family information written here will be most helpful.

What can be found on a new Russian memorial site for around 1.5 million prisoners sent to the Siberian gulags?
Are these only male prisoners or are children and women also listed?
What is the information given about each individual?
If you read Russian , could you check this website for prisoners with the family name BRUCKER or LAJkEN and inform us about the results?

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written by Naomi Garden, May 24, 2008
Amazing to see almost the same story as my husband’s family.Father from chelm mother from Lodz (radom),both fled to Russia,my father in law’s brother who fled too.joined the Red Army and was killed in a battle .After ww2 they were in Admont dp-camp where my husband was born in 1947.In April 1948 they came to Israel.All those years they belived to be the only survivals of two large families,After both deceased we were fortunate to find, through Jewish-gen, a nother family surviver in Canada

written by Steve laiken, April 20, 2006
I was born in NYC in 1946. My father Irving Laiken was born in NYC in 1906.
My grandfather Meyer Laiken came from Snovsk,Russia to NYC in 1902.

Rumor: meyer was 1 of 8 or 9 brothers & all changed orig.last name of lajken to different spellings: Laiken,Lakin,Laken etc…. Some of family may have moved to St Louis MO or Albuquerque NM. I have an old picture that is apparently my great grandfather, taken in Snovsk: year unknown, photographer nam was Prydken.
i’d like to know more about family hertiage: Steve laiken.

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