Ursula NN / Warszawa, Poland

ursula ursula1 ursula2Surname: Unknown. During the war POLESZAK
Name: Unknown. During the war ANNA URZULA
Birth Date: 1942 On Aryan birth certificate 28 March 1942
Birth Place: Ghetto Warsaw, Poland
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown\KNOWN FACTS:
Anna/Urzula was born in 1942 in the Warsaw ghetto. At the time her parents lived somewhere on ul. Grzybowska in Warsaw, and worked in the bakery of the Polish couple Antoni Kozak and Wladislawa Kozak nee Kus on ul. Chlodna 46 in Warsaw.

In January 1943 the parents gave their little daughter to the Kozak family. After staying for some time with the Kozak family on ul. Chlodna 46 in Warsaw, she was sent to Wladislawa Kozak’s sister – Maria Poleszak nee Kus – in Pulawy where she lived on “Aryan” documents. She grew up in Pulawy believing she was the biological daughter of Wladyslaw Poleszak and Maria Poleszuk nee Kus.

Only a few years ago did Leszek Kozak, born 1934, reveal to her that she was Jewish. Leszek Kozak is the son of Antoni and Wladislawa Leszek. His parents and sister, Christians, were murdered by the Germans in 1944 for having helped Jews. He himself, despite his young age helped to smuggle weapons to the ghetto.

Do any survivors from Ghetto Warsaw know about a couple who lived in ul. Grzybowska and worked in the Kozak bakery on ul. Chlodna 46 and had a baby daughter?

Looking at these recent photos of Anna; Do you see any family resemblance to possible Jewish families from Warsaw?


DNA tests

If Urzula decided she could spend the money ( 129 US dollars, according to the firm Family Tree DNA) for a maternal DNA test, what might she gain from taking this test?
Could it be that any of her unknown maternal relatives also have submitted their DNA samples?
Would the DNA testing give new specific directions for Urzula’s search?

Read more about the fascinating subject of DNA and genealogy on http://www.ftdna.com and an interesting article on http://www.ancestry.com written by Beau Sharbrough “RootsWorks:DNA and Family Trees”.

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  1. the Mother in the picture is very much rsemble to a friend of mine. her father’s name was Erlich. and they lived in Novolipki st. in Warsaw

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