Yehudith GERO / GEROE Budapest, Hungary / Israel

yehudit gero yehudit-st1Surname: GERO / GEROE
Birth Date: June 7th 1948
Birth Place: Israel
Father’s Name: Not clear
Mother’s Name: Barbara Borbala Gero/ Geroe born Oct 28th 1911 in Budapest, Hungary
died in Israel in May 1991

MATERNAL GRANDFATHER: MD Dr. Erpad / Arpad Gero/ Geroe
MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER: Julia or Julianna Gero /Geroe

Yehudith was born in 1948 in Israel, but her story is a chapter of the post Holocaust period.


Barbara Gero / Geroe was born in 1911 in Budapest and grew up in a well to do Jewish family. Her father Dr. Erpad / Arpad Gero / Geroe was a medical doctor and her mother, Julianna Gero / Geroe, an insurance agent.

According to some notes her mother left behind, she pursued academic studies and held a doctorate in economy.

She also wrote that she was pressured into marrying while still young, had a daughter in that marriage and then divorced. What was the family name of this unknown husband and what was the given name of the halfsister?

When was this older half sister born?

Did Barbara keep her married name after she divorced?

Barbara also took a course as a Red Cross nurse in Hungary – perhaps in the beginning of the 1940’s? In any case there is a photo of Barbara in her Red Cross uniform.

In March 1944 the German Army occupied Hungary. What happened to Dr. Erpad / Arpad Gero / Geroe and his wife Julianna during the German occupation?

Yehudith would like to know more about how her mother survived Holocaust.

What happened to Yehudith’s older half sister during the Holocaust?

As the war ended, Barbara Gero / Geroe made her way to Italy where she worked in children’s homes. Did she use her maiden name or her married name during her stay in Italy?

In March 1948 Barbara left Italy and arrived in Eretz Israel, alone and pregnant. Who was Yehudit’s father?

Because of the difficulties encountered in Israel being alone with her daughter, Yehudith grew up in institutions and foster families, not knowing her mother.

Only in 1981, after a very complicated research, did Yehudith find her. Unfortunately she was not able to share much information about herself or Yehudith’s father.

The mother died in 1991.
Some new exciting documents have been found in Hungary. This will now require some serious research to see how this can help us further. In this case it was Yehudith herself who with the help of the Hungarian Embassy in Tel Aviv took the initiative. Mazal tov, Yehudith!
Another lead regarding a man who may have been Yehudith’s father has come up.

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