Zofia NN / Warszawa, Poland

zofia zofia2 zofia3Surname: Unknown. During the war WRZESINSKA
Birth Date: Feb 17th 1942
Birth Place: Ghetto Warsaw, Poland
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown

Who am I?
All the information about me came from my adopted uncle ( Zbigniew Rog) who knew my biological parents.
To protect me, he never disclosed my real name. It is known that my uncle belonged to the same organisation as my biological parents, but which one?
My parents were taken to the Warsaw Ghetto and shot.
I have no knowledge how I, a one year old baby, was smuggled out of the ghetto and left in the stairway of a building on number 1 Kopnieskiej Street in Warsaw. I was found by the janitor Mrs. Wladyslawa Czubala and given to an orphanage named Ks. G. P. Baudouina.
The only identifying mark was attached to my wrist – a ribbon with a note: “Zofia Jadwiga born Feb 17th 1942 in Warszawa. Never give any information about the child.”
Lately when I contacted this orphanage, I found out that my new family name was Wrzesinska and it was written with a pencil. That is how they registered Jewish children in order to quickly erase their names in case of a Gestapo control.
My only hope for finding out my real identity, is if anybody recognizes my face or any of the persons who are mentioned above.

Please help me.


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  1. my aunt Toptshe Taube Ekshtein nee Korenblum was about 39 yo in 1939. there is some resembleness.
    they lived in Karmelitzki street number 31 in Warsaw. she had other two children.
    David, Duvid born arround 1928
    Pola, Perl, Paja, or Paya, aborn around 1936.

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