Zeuta RINGLER / Lviv, Ukraine


Surname: RINGLER Name: ZEUTA Birth Date: December 29th 1939 Birth Place: Lviv, Ukraine Father’s Name: Dr. SALOMON RINGLER born ca 1902 ? Mother’s Name: SALOMEA RINGLER nee KESSLER born ca 1910 ZEUTA’S STORY Zeuta’s mother Read More

Klara ROSENFELD / Lviv, Ukraine


Surname: ROSENFELD Name: KLARA Birth Date: 1940 – 1941 (?) Perhaps later. Birth Place: Lviv, Ukraine Father’s Name: EDMUND ROSENFELD Mother’s Name: EWA ROSENFELD KLARA’S STORY: In 1993 when my mother in Poland was dying Read More

Izabella Zula WALDBAUM / Lviv, Ukraine


Surname: WALDBAUM Name: IZABELLA “ZULA” Birth Date: March 12th 1940 Birth Place: LVIV, UKRAINE; then LWOW, POLAND Father’s Name: LEOPOLD WALDBAUM, born April 1st 1904 Paternal Grandfather: ABRAHAM LIFSZUETZ Paternal Grandmother: TAUBE LIFSZUETZ nee LUFT Read More

Itta KELLER / Stary Sambor and Lviv, Ukraine


Surname: KELLER (GINSBURG/ GUENSBURG) Name: ITTA Birth Date: July 1939 Birth Place: Lviv, Ukraine (then Lwow, Poland) Father’s Name: Szlomo Keller born 1909 in Stary Sambor Mother’s Name: Sara Keller nee Ginsburg/Guensburg born ca 1910 Read More

Girl found in the forest


FAMILY NAME : Unknown GIVEN NAME, DURING THE WAR, IN ORPHANAGE: Subbota GIVEN NAME, AFTER THE WAR, BY ADOPTIVE PARENTS: Galina BIRTHDATE: Estimated 1940 BIRTH PLACE: Probably in or around Lviv / Lvov / Lwow Read More

Adam Adolf ROSNER / Lviv, Ukraine KOORDYNACJA


Surname:ROSNER Name:ADAM  (ADOLF?) Birth Date:June 7th 1933  or 1932 Birth Place: Lviv, Ukraine Father’s Name: SALOMON SZLOMO ROSNER Mother’s Name: Unknown   WHAT ADAM REMEMBERED “My name was Adam Adolf Rosner. I was born on Read More